Seasonal Chestnut Tiramisu

Perfect to end a meal, light and delicious – cool and creamy, with the chestnut bringing autumn flavours to your table. Coming from Italy, it literally means ‘pull me up’ (lift my spirits), which it obviously does, no question about that !


– 80g sugar
– 250g mascarpone
– 300g chestnut jam
– Speculoos biscuits or ladyfinger biscuits
– nut kernels
– 3 eggs 



Separate the egg yolks from the whites, which will be whipped up later on. 
Beat the sugar and egg yolks, the mixture must be foamy and white.
Add the mascarpone to your preparation and whip, in order to obtain a smooth and creamy preparation. Whip up the egg whites (add a pinch of salt), they should remain stiff...

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The stirring legend of: L’Agula ‘The Eagle’

That morning Simonè got up a little earlier than usually.

Everybody was still sleeping. His steps made the wooden staircase creak as he slowly descended. The fine smell of coffee he was preparing near the fireplace soothed his anguish a little, but did not free him from the indefinable pain that tormented him.
He slowly turned the key in the lock. Outside, day was breaking on one of those last chilly autumn mornings announcing the coming winter. On the weaving dirt road under the chestnut trees, Simonè allowed his steps to guide him.

Behind him, the village had now disappeared. The fragrance from the maquis was a nostalgic reminder, as all his islands scents were awakening whilst the first rays of sunlight pierced through the branches of trees, like gaunt silhouettes. 

After having take...

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Is there anything quite like: Myrtle Liqueur

Not at all a complicated recipe, you just need the right ingredients and a little patience. A quick reminder: the myrtle berries come from a Mediterranean shrub called ‘Tarentum myrtle’, very persistent and resisting in particular to the heat.

If you’re wondering when would be the best time to pick the berries, the answer is from September – December. Usually appreciated as an after-dinner liqueur, and why not after a good Corsican meal ! The Corsicans just love their liqueur and love making it too. 


For 1 litre:
– 75cl eau de vie
– 40g myrtle berries
– 100g sugar
– 15cl water


Having washed and dried the myrtles, place them in a jar or a glass bottle (minimum 1L). Cover the fruit with the eau de vie and close hermetically. 
After two to three months of maceration,...

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The continual charm and attraction of Erbalunga

This charming and sought after village can be found up north, at around ten kilometres from Bastia, and can be considered another beautiful example of what the ‘Cap Corse’ can offer. Particularly visited over the summer months, and maintaining a preserved and authentic village character. One notices the small, quaint streets with old stone houses, and it is known to be one of the most attractive villages not only of the island, but also of the Mediterranean itself. 

The spectacular ruins of a Genoese tower built during the XVI century at the entrance of the port remain a highlight, this tower was classified as a historical monument in 1995. 
Many photographers have chosen the port for its wondrous and wild beauty throughout the seasons, tones and shades enlightening and inspiring...

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Let’s continue our Corsican proverbs for you to discover



   A chi un arrisica, un arruzzica
– Nothing ventured, nothing gained

A lingua ossu un hà e ossu tronca
– The tongue is boneless, but can break bones

A strada bedda un hè mai longa
– A clear path never seems long
 A chi l’attempa a perdi
– He who difers, ends up losing

L’amori hè cecu
– Love is blind

U mondu hè fattu à scala, a chi codda e à chi fala
– The world is like a ladder, some go up and others come down


Photo: Omigna Let’s Talk About Corsica © 

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