The 11th Graphic Novel Festival in Ajaccio attracts all age groups!

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Long before the invention of the printing press and almost as far as the memory can wander, hasn’t art always illustrated, related and communicated in every way possible for the public to grasp stories, events, beliefs, ideas and imaginative scenes.
Comic book/graphic novel festivals are now worldwide, with an impressive range of gifted and inventive creators.
Certainly, with the 1920/1930s boom, a steady growing market settled in growing constantly and I think the necessity experienced throughout history to convey religious, political and social life has always been a major commitment and release of creative expression, also serving this means of communication.

In France, cartoons/comic strips/graphic novels are known as the ‘Ninth Art’ and are extremely popular and appreciated, and very much followed by eager admirers and collectors. Now, this will be the 11th edition here in Corsica, at the Palais de Congrès in Ajaccio – November 29th – December 1st, where one can meet the creators present, discover the most recent publications and attend conferences too (note, that signing will take place from 10h-12.30/14.30-18h).
This years theme will concern history, from prehistory to the 20th century, so you can well imagine the coverage involved, and here there will be around fifty panels relating, but also within which Corsica will be indeed highlighted.

Workshops for children too, which involve essential moments for the development of imagination, fantasy and even perhaps preparation for future artists! – all equipment being supplied.

This festival has seen  over 200 participants since its creation – which certainly speaks for itself, and yearly the attraction it holds is constantly growing, all generations understood here, as the fascination and obvious connection between the public and the creators is forcibly witnessed. Amidst this excitement, ten authors will be awarded in numerous categories: passion, humour, fantasy, discovery etc., which will surely add to the pleasure of the daily events. If you’re an ardent follower, this festival is for you, and where you will have the possibility of viewing/meeting around forty participants this year, i.e: Miceal O’Griafa, Frédéric Bertocchini, Milan Jovanovic, Eric Rückstühl, Sandro, Michel Espinosa, Fabio Bono, Eric Puech, Batti, Christian Gine, Marc Bourgne .. there’s an amazing list of talent awaiting you! and Luca Malisan is coming especially from Venice. I would add what Frédéric Bertocchini (author) says about what he particularly appreciates with this choice of creativity, underlining the fact it entails team work and the sharing of ideas along with a very important point – it brings children to reading and the love of reading, here again, discovery and the unfolding of imagination.

Take a break, and stroll through illustrated history this year, where you will be welcomed with a smile and any/every question you may have ever wished to ask will be eagerly answered, it’s one of the points I liked about attending this festival last year – they take the time to communicate with the public –  (I’ll be sure to post an album of colourful photos on my page, when the time comes).


Credit poster: Eric Rückstühl

Facebook: Festival International de la BD d’Ajaccio (Festa di a BD Corsa)

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