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Extract from: ‘The Lighthouse on the Sanguinaires’ by Alfonse Daudet

Sanguinaires Islands (GraZiella)

I was reminded of a bad spell of insomnia I had three years ago, when I lived in the Sanguinaires lighthouse overlooking the entrance to the Gulf of Ajaccio, on the Corsican coast.

I had found a pleasant place, where I could muse in solitude.

Picture an island with a reddish cast, and a wild appearance. There was a lighthouse on one headland, and an old Genoese tower on the other, housing an eagle when I was there. Down by the sea-shore, there was a ruined lazaretto, overgrown with grass. There were ravines, low scrub, huge rocks, wild goats and Corsican ponies trotting about, their manes flowing in the breeze. At the highest point, surrounded by a flurry of seabirds was the lighthouse, with its platform of white masonry, where the keepers paced to and fro...

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Cargèse – otherwise known as ‘The Greek Village’

Cargèse Jean-Louis Delbende

This is not a random choice of village I choose to tell you about

I vividly remember my first visit there and how I was completely drawn to its particularity. Right in the heart of the village, on the outskirts, overlooking the floral countryside and valley, one comes face to face with two churches standing right opposite each other : Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic – in the midst of overlooking trees and in total harmony.

I recall catching my breath and just gasping. Situated 100 meters above sea level, it seemed so natural and yet so singular. Cargèse was founded at the end of the 18th century, by Greek immigrants, having been chased by the Turks – whereupon their descendants build their own church, whilst the Corsicans built theirs...

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