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Exploring ‘Nougat’, with Fanny and her father – taste buds activated!

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When I think of nougat, my taste buds awaken, my mouth waters and the urge to indulge is difficult to control – not unlike many amateurs of this succulent creation, I would say. But, there is nougat and … nougat. When caressed by a little inspiration, that so required ingredient, it can take you journeying through moments of total elation, there’s really no exaggerating here, for me personally, as I had the pleasure of making it myself, at one stage. So, when I decided to discover and taste what Fanny and her father create, I had a difficult time remaining patient beforehand.

Did you know that Leonardi da Vinci was a strong supporter of candied fruit and almonds, and during the Renaissance they called it ‘chamber spices’, he loved it.

At ‘Fiordolci’ (even the name evokes ‘nectarous

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The biggest cycling event in the world, the ‘Tour de France’ comes to Corsica this year for its 100th edition!

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The rising excitement has indeed been experienced, especially over recent weeks, now it’s nearer and nearer for this years Tour de France Cycling, where Corsica will be actually participating for the first time in its history! I wonder if you can imagine what this represents for this small island too – yes, economic repercussions of course, and in every way, then again, this is the biggest cycling event in the world today, and this year will see 21 stages, and will include a total distance of 3,403km, and if I’ve correctly counted, there will be 22 teams, and 126 cyclists from 14 countries …

Corsica will be hosting the start of the race, and the first three stages – concerned are the towns of: Porto-Vecchio, Bastia, Ajaccio, and Calvi.
On Thursday June 27th, presentations of the teams wi...

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Jazz in Ajaccio – XII Festival and what Marcel Guidicelli has to say ..


The festival holds the advantage of being held in the prestigious open air grounds of the Lazaret ( in Ajaccio, and this is an adventure that has been continuing since 2002 to the delight of the population, along with the fortunate tourists that are present at this time. This is the highlight event of the year within these walls, where celebrities such as: Stacey Kent, Mina Agossi, Michel Legrand, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Didier Lockwood, Bona Vista Social Club, Youn Sun Nah, Manu Katché, Gianmaria Testa, Raul Paz, Kenny Barron …. have been present, just to give you a small idea of what the past years brought for appreciation.

I met Marcel Guidicelli, who has been the orchestrator of this event since the beginning...

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Meeting Rinatu Coti, a musical and linguistic experience


This was an experience I was truly looking forward to. Rinatu Coti, holds a world of knowledge and culture where both Corsican music and language merge and blend. President of an association, Filu d’Amparera in Ajaccio, where both cultures are provided to all, initiated around 10 years ago and growing constantly, where over 100 participants now immerse with attentiveness.

One could say here again, a passion being transmitted with energy and earnest. Collaborators having been Grégory doc Rossi and Migheli Raffaelli, who reintroduced an early instrument the ‘cetera’, (from the cither family), regaining a certain rebirth within Corsican music. These same instruments are produced here on the island, as there are three luthiers.
Also  amongst those who work closely alongside Ri...

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What the annual Jazz Festival in Calvi has in store for you ..


Jazz lovers are indeed fortunate on this island, as there are a few very interesting festivals every year – one being the Calvi Jazz Festival, which takes place this year from June 19th – 23rd.

Going up north of the island, you cannot miss Calvi on the north west coast, and this is also where Admiral Nelson lost his eye during the Siege of Calvi, when at war with the French Revolutionary Forces back in 1794.

A delightful coastal town, where the main activity remains tourism, and a must see for its impressive citadel, where part of the French Foreign Legion is still based. Over the years, Calvi has become more and more popular, and more and more open to the world in a cosmopolitan way too, attracting all generations...

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