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Through shades, texture, form and emotions, Pierre Farel conspires with dreams ..

féminitéI knew I was entering a world of rich, vibrant shades – where sensuality, allure and an influx of variant energy would seize my sensitivity, and this has been Pierre Farel’s world for the past 25 years – also which he finds has flown by .. A continual breeze of lifestyles enter, surround, mingle and perpetuate, and where one senses the warmth of sunshine, leisure and chosen/unchosen circumstances. Savoury sensations by which the senses are hailed through gesture, music and persistent floating suggestions. Each canvas narrates, and the viewer is delightfully invited to further the elaboration of what one perceives, which of course, means the so important use of one’s imagination and observation.

From a very early age, he knew he would be an artist, and when other children of his age would ...

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Dropping in to ‘The Patio’ at the Palazzu U Domu, in the heart of Ajaccio


Sometimes, the wish to discover surroundings where you may experience that extra comfort and exotic atmosphere is just what you require, a place where you can linger whilst sipping a cocktail and taking full advantage of a cosy, friendly ambiance.

I found this atmosphere visiting the Patio, in the Palazzu U Domu Hotel, right in the centre of Ajaccio. However, if you are planning a stay, it’s ideally situated, for you can stroll over during the day to visit Napoleon’s house which is very near, opt for a few hours on the nearby beaches or later on in the evening, try your luck in the nearby Casino too. My curiosity lead me to ask several questions, needless to say.

Accompanying your evening meal, or if you are just planning a lapse of leisure, they provide numerous musical evenings where ...
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The Castle of the Punta, her story and possible sentence

Chateau de la Punta Pascal

Let us wander back to 1564, when Catherine de Medici asked Philibert de l’Orme to build her a castle –  because she was tired of living at the Louvre in Paris. The ‘Tuileries Palace’ stood for three centuries to be then destroyed by a fire in May,1871 – due to an insurrection that took place and lasted for over three weeks ..

In 1882, the decision to completely erase the remaining remnants was taken and it was between 1886-89, that Count Jérôme Pozzo di Borgo and his son Charles, purchased an important quantity of these stones in view of building their castle in Alata, beside Ajaccio, within 40 hectares of park, on an altitude of 600m and with views showing the Gulf of Ajaccio and Sagone, but also the heights of the Monte d’Oro and Renoso, and the imposing Red Rock Gozzi and ...

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A few words on Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Constitution Project for Corsica – amongst others, drafted by Pascal Paoli

Pascal Paoli Jean Jacques RousseauI think it is correct to render homage to these men, who fought with their ideas and often their weapons, in order to search and build the foundations for future generations, with what they firmly believed, and willingly conveyed for the better of the island.

On the history of philosophy, Jean-Jacques Rousseau certainly remains a major personality relating to his strong influence on philosophers to come, deriving from his significant additions to both moral psychology and political philosophy. His inspiration cannot be denied behind the Constitution Project for Corsica, which was drafted by Pascal Paoli, amongst others – an independent republic through modern   age, in 1765.

I would like to illustrate this desire with an extract from this project, whose weight will certainly abide th...
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Through shades of harmony, Laurent Bruschini relates with passion and spirit his personal melody

photo-26Corsicans always find their way home, and I believe the example of the talented singer, Laurent Bruschini, speaks for itself too.

Having grown up on the mainland, his growing passion through the years, shaped itself through a steady growth. From his early years, Corsican was always spoken at home, and holidays were naturally spent in his native village too, for Laurent is from Palleca (Palneca) and Sarra di Scoppamena.  His belonging to the Casa di u Populu Corsu continued to forge an identity which was to increase through enthusiasm and character, leading to the co production of an album Nott’é Ghjormi with Di Maghju, at the end of the 90’s. It was in 2000, that he finally decided it was time to return to his native island.

Laurent has had the pleasure of accompanying I Muvrini through...

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