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The Circus of Solitude .. mutual challenge between man and nature – one of the highlights of the GR20

A video shot at stage 4
– starting at the heights of Asco, heading south west and climbing up to the Col of Pedru (2183)
– this is where the Circus begins, climbing down and up the other side – ending up at the Col of Minuta (2218)

– a great video here, shot in June 2013 (in English, for the very few words spoken) and with GoPro, of course –

don’t you just feel you’re there too …


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Dr. Edmond Simeoni – fervent defender of Corsica


One cannot imagine writing about Corsica, without including one of the most emblematic notables existing on this island; naming Dr. Edmond Simeoni. His presence has bathed in history since the 60’s – diffusing perception, long term reflexion and vital experience. And when one meets this man, the sudden awareness of being in the company of an individual whose interests extend to unlimited references, is very much sensed.

Dr. Edmond Simeoni thrives on innovation, exchange, reflexion and progress. Born in Corte and schooled in Bastia (north of Corsica), he went on to study medicine and became a gastroenterologist, practising in the region of Bastia for many years.

Early political activist, his progression through politics did not go unseen, for his profound beliefs, anxious hop...

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Visit the Alcione Wreck at Taverna

The Alcione wreck:
Wreck of an Italian tanker at Taverna, up north of Corsica, which went down in 1943 by torpedo – used to be known as HMS Anam, with a length of 54m and down around -32m.

This is now the site for photographers, film shoots and deep-sea divers .. great video here for a virtual visit ..


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‘Sintineddi’ .. and the lofty solitude of mountains

LichtSchattenSucher Bavella

Most certainly one of the first and most imposing, majestic sights upon arrival on this island. Their overall puissance can be sensed most intensely, it’s a sentiment you carry around with you too, escorting in some ways, and vigilant – personally, I have always felt their complicity and protection, which is not the way with everybody, I admit, but such sincere safeguard is, in my opinion, quite overwhelming always.

But, isn’t  the island an eminence itself in the middle of the sea? certes – with around 1700 summits, going from 300-2710m, an authentic chain of peaks, one could say.

Composed of granite mostly, and sometimes slate, with the sovereign Monte Cinto (2710m) being literally ‘the roof of the island’ – an amazing remark here too, it is only 20km from the sea …

A ...

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Pastizzu – try a traditional Corsican dessert from the north of Corsica

pastizzuTraditionally considered a Sunday dessert, and very popular. Chestnut flour can here again be used, and lemon/aniseed flavouring too.


– 5 eggs

– 4 tablespoons of wheat semolina

– 1 packet vanilla sugar

– 100g sugar

– 1L  whole milk

– 100g  sugar for the caramel

Bring to the boil: milk, sugar and the packet of vanilla sugar. At boiling point, add the semolina and bring back to boil. Remove from heat and add the beaten eggs, stirring very quickly!

Pour into a caramelised mold and straight into the oven for 20 minutes at temperature 6° (verify temperature here again) – there is also a variant to this recipe, which can be made with dried bread instead of semolina, and other ingredients can vary too – I’ve found this particular one works out very nicely though, and...

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