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Portrait of an abstract artist: Anto Tomasini confides ..

Bocognano fin Juillet 2013 009For the past 25 years, this abstract artist has been painting what is the dearest to him – his native land and roots, and when asked what his projects may be, they remain grounded on his only influence, he has no need for external or alternative elements, he composes with instinct, conviction and total gratification.
A work of art is an image of reflexion through colours and melodies of experience – a correlation of ideas, through a given time, self-projection too, with the chosen object. He underlines the fact that we often have the tendency to vision just the morphology, rather than the contents, and the artist searches a way to immerse the viewer – and to the full extent.

Through his choice of shades and blends, Anto denotes the above – the translation is obvious to the viewer...

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Corsican cutlers create and perpetuate from ancestral knowledge

foire aux couteaux Cuttoli Aout 2013 008

Ancestral knowledge perpetuated up to this day, the art of fabricating knives here in Corsica has always been a way of life. Let us not forget that this was first and foremost, a necessity – many brought back choices from their travels, having discovered the many varieties throughout the world. At one stage, exchanges with neighbouring islands within the Mediterranean, was common practise too. In each village, there were several blacksmiths and this was quite some time before the industrial age, which is also why there can be notable differences as regards names, and forms depending on regions.

Adapted for a particular use, size and shape have always held their utmost importance...

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‘Swira’ – developing style in a fresh way – all through affinity, voyage and liberty ..


A very innovative collection here, ‘Swira’ caught my eye recently, with her choice of artful conception and attractive shades. Based on ‘Liberty’ and ‘Voyage’, and accommodating a certain symbolic reference also through choices of design and pattern.

Providing and sharing a profound sentiment and meaningful fervent hopes – this range includes cistus, arbutus, tangerines, asphodels and of course, the Moor’s head. The merging of ideas, tones and conception hold imagination, attractiveness and a search for casual comfort, without omitting the essential aesthetic and of course, quality.

‘Swira’ originates from a town in Morocco, and personal memories for our ‘créatrice’ here, Carole, where she was vividly impressed by this town and the many artists living there – and her line of cloth...

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Moona makes an extraordinary encounter in the midst of her travels ..

67796_494751780603916_2035630372_n etoile+meduse
Asteroidea lay there, almost lifeless as I went about my way .. it was time for me to continue my travels, exchanging discoveries, impressions and future expectations with those upon my way. Searching warmer immersion, I continually navigated within known and unknown territories, at times gathering a certain speed that almost surprised me.

Just as I was distracted by an unusual captivating  presence, I noticed Phozoa trying to catch up with me – Phozoa was rather an old friend, and we had often drifted together in the past – but, I was too interested in what lay before my eyes .. what was that strange tinted substance ..  521687_426469794098782_724996816_n

Approaching with caution, I revolved with hesitancy, for this was totally unknown to me...

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St Florent reverberates with Porto Latino!

Porto Latino 2013 014

Just hearing the name prepares you to dream,  doesn’t it? Arriving in time to take a quick visit of the coastal town of St Florent (north of the island), which I hadn’t been to for a while, I admit – was on the agenda, and after viewing many of the changes that had taken place too – it’s flourishing and extremely welcoming. Expansion, structure and tuneful hues having taken over, one can very easily foresee or extend a definite halt. Wandering around admiring the quaint little streets, filled with summer tones and often tiny boutiques, opening out onto delightfully picturesque squares, where cafés invite you to repose for a while, filled with tanned, ‘sunhatted’ and ‘sunglassed’ visitors, requiring short or long spells of rest and shade, and quite regularly distinguished by the omnipre...

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