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A retrospective/prospective: The Penitentiary of Coti – yesterday and today

Coti July 31 2013 012Immersed in history once again, I revisited this former penitentiary around 37km outside of Ajaccio recently, where many signs of elapsed circumstances still reside. There’s a charming drive up there, accompanied by the sentful eucalyptus trees that stream and guide you on the way, so, take your time driving up too.

Opening in 1855, this penitentiary was to shelter thieves, soldiers who had disobeyed and other categories that were catalogued as ‘menacing’ individuals for society – and often in irons. Just imagine, some of the youngest were no more than 16 years of age. Now, amazing to note here, they had to be catholics too, and this was indeed a strict rule apparently. Malaria, and high fevers ravaged in the beginning, wiping out a very high percentage of its occupants...

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Indulge in Chestnut Cake, and try my personal recipe


Chestnut Cake, which is very simple and just delicious, and you can find the flour all year around too:

1 natural yoghurt (keeping the pot)*
1 pot of sugar
1 pot of oil (not olive oil though)
1 packet of baking powder
1 packet of vanilla sugar
3 eggs (separate the whites)
1 pot of chestnut flour

Mix ingredients, mount the egg whites and then delicately incorporate.

225° in an electric oven, for 23 minutes – but you may have to sample temperatures here.

All feedback on how you find this recipe is very welcome, I find it successful and use it regularly.

NB: if you prefer a stronger taste of chestnut, double the quantity of flour, and .. ‘bon appetitu’ !

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