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‘Passion Cinema’ Festival – 9 Days Of Acute Attention!


Autumn is also the return of the film festivals, and this is a time for everybody in and around Ajaccio to catch up on some of the latest and best films available.

This year, with Passion Cinema, we will be seeing no less than 10 ‘avant première’ arriving, which means Ajaccio will be viewing even before mainland France, a notable point all the same.

Now, which directors am I referring to here ?
let me give you a fair idea of what is installed for all: Woody Allen, Ken Loach, Sofia Coppola, Jeff Nichols, François Ozon, Asghar Farhadi, Wong KarWai, Ari Folman, Claire Simon, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Claire Denis,Thierry de Peretti, Anthony Chen and Jia Zhanghe – there are more of course, as this festival will be showing between twenty and thirty films all in all, without forgetting a ...

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When ‘Driftwood’ Finds A Final Destination, And All Through Natural Transformation ..


Isn’t it a wonder, how nature generously provides creative, palpable substance that enables us to conceive according to our imagination and perception? Meeting Boris Ferrandi, was my exploring the world of driftwood, and how patience, talent and resourcefulness can develop realms of design and charm.

Boris grew up knowing he desired to create, but, it wasn’t until he sensed a state of suffocation from living in the city, that he started to wander off to the sea, in order ‘to breathe’ and discovered his desire to collect pieces of driftwood – triggering off his creative instinct, and also proving the fact that he was capable of manual creation. This instinct had always accompanied him, from childhood – however, time was essentially required in order to ‘find’ himself...

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The Nectar of ‘Mele in Festa’ – The Island’s Honey Fair takes place in Murzo

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Around Vizzavona and ‘The Englishman’s Waterfall’

Cascade des Anglais (Gra Ziella)

Very popular outing here, and where the aristocratic English who swarmed Ajaccio end of 19th century/beginning 20th, enjoyed being brought to, on donkey back – thus, the name remained throughout time.

We’re entering the forested region of Vizzavona here, at 900m in altitude, where incredible charm and thriving greenery surrounds you, situated between the towns of Bocognano and Vivario, and around an hours drive from Ajaccio – you can also take the train, which is ideal here, and the opportunity to actually try the legendary ‘micheline’, which runs across the island (and this will undoubtedly inspire a future article).

At the foot of the Monte d’Oro, and in the Agnone valley, several waterfalls continue on, as we are also entering part of the GR20...

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Take a cruise back in time … to the Middle Ages

Direction Levie (southern Corsica) –
(September 13th-15th, 2013)

total immersion for three days of discovering, following, and enjoying the Middle Ages, and where everybody participates – third edition this year –

isn’t that a bewitching idea ?

and remember, this weekend is European Heritage Days – open door weekend – so, explore !



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