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OZIA – The Flavours of Natural Corsican Fruit Juice

more street art to view+sort 002 (2)I made a discovery some time ago that certainly added delight during the summer  here; a brand of Corsican 100% pure fruit juice labelled OZIA (whose name I also find very attractive and inviting). They’re savoury in a very natural way, without sugar – allowing the habitual release of flavours.

Starting off in 2010, in the town of Luri (Cap Corse, north of the island), their idea stemmed from the fact that 35% of the tangerine production was not destined to markets, and this being due to specific demands from the IGP (label of European quality). Here lies their particularity – in valorising the fruit that are not scheduled for purchasing.

Benefiting from inherited agronomical and oenological backgrounds, OZIA created and signed the first Corsican tangerine fruit juice – to furthermore add...

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A Retrospective of Feminine Criminality in Corsica over the 18th Century, Marie-Josée Cesarini-Dasso exposes ..

Marie-Josée Cesarini-Dasso (4)

There was certainly a motivating force behind my recent choice to communicate on this subject. The fact is, I had read an article that had captivated my full attention, by Marie-Josée CesariniDasso – criminologist, lawyer and furthermore, author – also having consecrated her thesis on the feminine criminal world during the 18th century.Presently residing between Corsica and Nice, she has been rewarded by the European Academy of Science/Arts, (which includes seventy Nobel prizewinners) and is a continual correspondent for UNESCO.

The question can be asked, why as of that particular century?

to which is the answer is, because of the lack of archives beforehand – here, one discovers the situating/retracing (in particular) of Corsican women through time...

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CNN in Corsica —-> investigating natural beauty for energy

CNN came to Corsica last winter – investigating the ‘renewal energy experiment’

also check out:






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Cruising through historical Ajaccio – a surprising and enlightening saunter

Christian Skredsvig - Vue du château Baciocchi - 1888 - Corte, musée de la Corse - copyright RMN -

When wandering around, haven’t you often asked yourselves what your surroundings might have actually resembled centuries ago? This often strikes me as a question to which I have not been capable of answering, visually – ignoring the historic testimonies, and this lead me to correct any imaginary presumptions I may have had.

In order to envisage certain areas of Ajaccio, one must approach a specialist – and Philippe Perfettini is exactly the person I needed to meet.

Author, historian and in charge of the department of Corsican Art at the Fesch Museum, he is also a specialist of the Napoleonic periods. Let’s slip back somewhat in time here, and examine Ajaccio.

When the Genoese (13th-17th centuries), decided to establish themselves comfortably on this island, and in particular in Aj...

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