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Bewitching Asphodel(us) .. a venture into the mysterious

Asphodel (Caroline)2

Remembering distinctly the first time I saw a field of asphodels – it was during the winter hence, a sentiment of a wild, devouring natural spread taking place before my eyes, and although they were doted with a certain stature, I wondered how this spread would react naturally to the arrival of spring.
To this, the answer would be an army of white warriors diffusing movement, energy and a collective affinity .. spring was to redeem their social/poetic substance, and offer scenes of perpetual charm, within these slim, swaying silhouettes.

One hears many stories where their role is imagined, presumed, defined ....

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The ‘trinichellu’ adds a zest to touring the island, a singular Corsican train

train_corse 2

Now, this was one of the wildest trips I ever took! years ago, I took the old(er) version of the ‘micheline’ from Ajaccio to Ile Rousse (north of the island) and will never forget it .. you view scenes from movies of crammed trains, under the scorching sun, within a cacophony of vocal cords and also a general exuberance – this was exactly the vision I had – and experienced too.

Let’s retrace this little trains history ..

It was in 1888 this historical means of transportation was to see its’ start-up, and by 1894, 360 kilometres of railway network were completed, thus rallying Bastia to Ajaccio. But, not without a certain quantity of problems too, for a tunnel of 3916 metres had to be constructed in order to cross the Vizzavona pass, along with the viaduct constructed by Gustave Eif...

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Corsican Shepherds, a way of life ..


Through the ages, history has shown us on many occasions, how the population was forced to take to the interior of the island, fleeing from frequent invaders and deserting the shores. The Corsican shepherd was no exception to this migration, and in this way, he could take care of his family and home, whilst still keeping an eye on the sea from afar.

Knowing well that their destiny was bound to nature and nature’s way of controlling everything, they forged their identity through adapting to their natural surroundings, and employing their energy to the maintaining of a genuine harmony. Armed constantly, their worry came from eventual intruders, those who could disturb the legitimate tranquillity of their environment.

To translate the language of the clouds, sense the rain arriving, rela...

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