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Saffron – entering a world of exoticism with ‘Safran de Corse’, flight of the imagination!

Saffron (Nov 2013) 006(6)Entering an almost unknown world. With curiosity I tried to imagine the flowering wonders it would hold. Saffron, this spice evoked flavoured and coloured exoticism from the beginning of time .. and I was to learn it is at least 4000 years old. Warm countries are of course where one finds it, an autumn-flowering plant, possessing flowers with a sweet fragrance. Old Persian is the first language in which the use of saffron in cooking is recorded, with references dating back thousands of years, being widely used in European, Arab, Indian, Persian and Turkish cuisines – Iran being the most important producer (90% of the worlds production). Saffron (Nov 2013) 004

Meeting Anne was an exciting moment I had been waiting for – for the Crocus sativus only flowers in October/November, harvesting continues until a...

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Nature supplies graciously, Corsica Pam creates with ability – a mutual unison

Corsica Pam 31 oct 2013 008(2)Empowering ourselves with natural products swiftly enters our minds here, and realising each season brings a choice of required/desired essence – automatically adds to the bountiful benefits.

Corsica Pam (MAP in English: medicinal aromatic plants), was created in 1996 by two brothers: Jean-Pierre and Paul Caux, from the village of Ocana, where stands their impressive business today – The House of Fragrances, which is also part of the GAEC (joint operating farm groups), unfolding the characteristic fragrances within the Prunelli valley, following a return to serious studies at the agricultural college for scientific learning. The signed harvest charter assures and maintains the quality required, supervised by the Corsican environmental office.  Corsica Pam 31 oct 2013 005

I find it interesting here to note, th...

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