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The Corsican Mouflon (mountain sheep)

1549463_434799533315270_188276342_nEndemic Corsican fauna: The Mouflon (mountain sheep)

The Corsican mouflon is a subspecies (Ovis aries / orientalis musimon), endemic to Corsica and Sardinia.
Patience must be practised in order to perceive them hiding in the mountains, especially in the Cintu and Bavella reserves – currently, the population is estimated between 500/1000 animals.

According to F. Poplin in 1979, and taken up by Vine (1992), the species was not present in Corsica before the Neolithic, therefore, the Corsican mouflon should be considered as a sheep (domesticated from two subspecies of western mouflon), brought by farmers to Corsica and Sardinia and returning to the wild – a process of undomestication.
Thus, he would have reacquired characteristics closer to his distant and wild cousins.
What about endemism in...

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Flavourful Corsican Soup, Mimi’s way*

Soup, is unavoidable over the winter months – and here’s savoury idea from
Mimi, with various vegetables for a Corsican soup – which is always plentiful and quite delicious.
The benefits from vitamins are, especially over these cold months, required and welcomed,
so, do indulge in soup whenever you can !                                     Soupe-corse-les-recettes-de-michele-Grimigni_large

Preparation: 15mins

Cooking: 2 hours


– 1 farmer’s ham (prizutti) bone or 1 ham hock (with or without its bone)

– 2 slices of panzetta (bacon)

– 1 onion

– 1/2 of 1 kale

– 100grs flat beans

– 200grs pumpkin

– 1 courgette

– 1 leek

– 2 small turnips

– 5 small potatoes

– 2 carrots

– 2 cloves of garlic

– 1 tomato

– 2 sticks of celery

– basil, salt+pepper, sunflower oil an...

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Customs and beliefs at Christmas, New Year and ceremonies

le rite des coups de feu
Did you know ?
In Corsica, it is customary to fire shots in the air for Christmas, New Year and certain other ceremonies ..

Yes, but why ?

Extending culturally throughout the US, Asia, Corsica, and also the Maghreb – this tradition permits the celebration of holidays such as New Year, along with religious holidays.

While the powder was originally created to make noise, the historian Constantin Parvulesco believes that shooting in the air sometimes takes on a ritualised and religious dimension.

Gunshots in the air also register within a symbolic dimension. “Weapons are intimately associated with the concept of freedom in many countries. Therefore, firing in the air is a means of expression...

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Winter Solstice and the Christmas/Yule log

la buche de Noël
Did you know ?
On the evening of December 24th, in the past in Corsica and in other regions, a Christmas/Yule log made of dense wood, was burnt in the fireplace. But, it had to burn very slowly indeed, in order to continue to burn on Christmas evening, December 25th.

Origins of this tradition have been found as far back as the 12th century, and seemingly, from what we know, it would appear to have been a pagan ritual – celebrating winter solstice. When the log had completely burnt to ashes, these were kept – for it was believed and said that they held healing powers, capable of curing illnesses, protecting against storms and fertilising the earth.



Source via: Corse Passion ©

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‘U Fullettu’ – there was once a curious goblin ..

 a Christmas story - Corse Passion
Tonight at the vigil, we will listen to a story about a goblin.
Who is he ?

He is described as a small man, with an iron fist. He enters homes, preferably in the morning without making noise. Not everyone has met him, but those who have crossed his path, are not likely to forget him, and when he enters a house – it is very difficult to make him leave ..

One evening in Castagniccia, as night was falling, a brave miller was grinding his chestnuts when he heard a noise near his mill. Outside, he could hear a cold, sad and hungry child crying – so, the miller decided to take him home. When he tried to warm him, setting him near the fireplace where a large fire was burning, the boy took fright and refused, because he did not want the miller to see his forked feet...

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