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On Christmas in Corsica …

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Did you know ?

Christmas in Corsica was celebrated religiously in joy and contemplation; beliefs, ceremonies and meals were carried out in insular ways.
Christmas of yesteryear was not placed under the sign of abundance. Few cribs or decorations in homes; cut holly or a small arbutus was often the equivalent to a Christmas tree. The ‘Bambinu’ (Jesus, as a child), was found in some churches, where he was presented to each faithful at the end of midnight mass.

The most significant Christian symbol of Christmas was (and still is, in some villages), ‘u focu’ – fire; with huge fires burning in churchyards on the night of December 24th, and until the new year...

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Waterfalls: always renewing, always flowing and never the same ..

Cascade de Piscia di Gallu

“Floods of humanity, lakes of peace, rivers of gold, the tides of war; all we are and do is linked to the water of life..” – the perpetual movement, energy, source of this element will forever amaze and impress, help us realise our own stature too, through its natural force and presence.
Haven’t you at some stage stood in front of this imposing sight ? haven’t you felt/sensed the magnitude of flowing, creative growth and vitality.

This island possesses multiple waterfalls, of various sizes and shapes – enjoying the sentiment of total freedom of expression, and inviting us to share the wealth within, with generosity.

Let’s take the example of the inserted image here; the Piscia di Gallu...

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What’s the particularity of —-> Fiuminale ?

A village: heart to heart – in just a few lines :


FIUMINALE        Fiuminale Wikimedia




Deserted village (Costa Verde) since the 80’s, mainly due to the fact that there’s no longer a road going up there. A donkey was used to travel around in the past. Decline started during the 50/60’s. Do you know how many deserted villages there are in Corsica ? – apparently, there would be around 76.






photo credit: Wikimedia

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How they saw Corsica and what they said ..

Corse-03-a29182905 Sandra Lippros Point of the Revellata at the gates of Calvi
I was the happiest of men within my solitary retreat, and where the Corsican sea surrounded me with her waves ..
In Corsica, I climbed up on a rock and plunged straight into the middle of life ..
I have settled here – due to bedazzlement ..
Jean-Jacques Rousseau:                     
Without friends, support, money or an army – enslaved by dreadful masters – alone you have shaken their yoke. You’ve seen them unite against you, one by one, the most fearsome dictators of Europe, flooding your island with foreign, armed forces; you overcame it all .. it is less about becoming others – but to know how to remain yourselves.
– I have a presentiment that one day, this island will astonish Europe ..
All of Europe is Corsica...
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Courgettes Beignets – Mimi’s way, with Corsican courgettes


There’s such a choice of winter vegetables out there at this time of the year, here’s another tasty recipe with courgettes, – which of course you can serve by themselves, or with a side dish of your choice. (Depending also on where you live, and if you can find Corsican courgettes, naturally)

for 30 beignets

Preparation: 1h
Cooking: 6mins


– 200grs flour

– 3 eggs

– 1 packet of baking powder

– 1 soup spoon of olive oil

– 1/2 glass of water

– 2 courgettes (Corsican if possible)

– parsley, garlic, salt+pepper, sunflower oil


Wash, dry and grate the courgettes. Salt and let them drain for about 1 hour
In a salad bowl mix flour, baking powder and eggs, add the 1/2 glass of water and then add 1 soup spoon of olive oil

Add the courgettes to ...

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