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Village heart-to-heart —> what’s the particularity of: CASABIANCA ?

Couvent St Antoine at Casabianca Villages Corses

Village heart to heart, in just a few lines


On July 15th, 1755 at the Convent of Saint Antoine, Pascal Paoli was proclaimed General in Chief of the Nation during the reunion of ‘A Consulta di Casabianca’ – thus denoting the islands’ independence from Genoese domination.


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The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, in Ajaccio


‘If they forbid my corpse, as they have forbidden my body, denying me a small piece of land in which to be laid – I desire to be buried with my ancestors in Ajaccio’s cathedral in Corsica ..’ – Napoleon remembering his childhood church, was to recite these words on his death bed in St Helena, in 1821. We realise immediately just how important the cathedral was to him too. In July 1771, his baptism, along with his sister’s (Marie-Anne) were held there and his uncle Lucien (archdeacon) was also a priest at the cathedral. As for the Bonaparte funeral chapel, it was at one stage there too, being transferred at a later date to the ‘imperial chapel’ at the Fesch Museum.

Built between 1577-1593, replacing the Saint Croix Cathedral (which was destroyed in 1553) and dedicated to the Virgin Mar...

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Brocciu Cannelloni

cannelloni 23(1)

As we’re well into the season of ‘brocciu‘, this recipe is perfect over the winter months, and an alternative way of preparing your cannelloni.

Preparation for 4


Pasta for cannelloni:

Prep: 5mins

– 500 grs flour

– 2 pinches of salt

– water

– 2 eggs

Béchamel sauce:

Prep: 5mins

– 50 grs butter

– 50 grs flour

– milk

Stuffing for cannelloni:

Prep: 10mins

Cooking: 20mins

– 1 bunch of chard

– 500grs brocciu

– salt, pepper, fresh mint

– 1 egg

Tomato sauce:

Prep: 5mins

Cooking: 10mins

– 1 onion

– 400grs crushed tomatoes

– olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs, grated cheese, nutmeg

In a salad bowl, put the flour and salt, make a hollow in the middle and add the eggs...

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Voce Ventu passes on the flame .. past, present and future

Voce Ventu

In 2015, this Corsican group will celebrate their twenty years of existence. Twenty years, within which their have been moments of pause too, but, isn’t this an even more forcible reason to sense a certain necessary/renewed awareness? I believe so. Not that this would be automatically the case, however sometimes it is fundamental in order to ignite a new/alternative perception and comprehension. Voce Ventu created in 1995, and composed of six – taking a pause in 2011 and now returning in 2014 with renewed enthusiasm.

I had the pleasure of meeting Fred Poggi recently; composer, singer, musician, Corsican language university teacher, translator (films), coach for the Corsican language and also, actor – and who has even found the time to dabble in photography.

It was extremely...

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In Bonifacio, one finds King Aragon’s stairway; facts and legend

l'escalier du roi Aragon

Did you know ?

Located in the Mediterranean, and more precisely on the tip of the south of ‘The Island of Beauty’, which gives out on to  the ‘bouches de Bonifacio’ strait – separating Corsica from Sardinia.

As seen by boat and from afar, it would appear like a dark slanted line including the whole height of the cliff, and from near, as type of tube scooped out of stone.

Cut out of Bonifacio’s calcareous rock by man directly, this stairway is composed of 187 steps, and determined by a 45° slant.

According to legend, it would have been dug in just one night by King Alphonse V the Magnanime of Aragon, during the siege of Bonifacio in 1420, which would have lasted five months.
It’s also more than probable that this stairway would have been continued on a longer stretch of time by t...
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