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Consolation by losing sense of time, at the Fesch Museum

Musée Fesch 002 This was to be my second meeting with Philippe Perfettini, historian at the Fesch Museum – where dates, details, stories/facts, emotions and tones were to pour out with a natural ease and where I found myself, once again on the bumpy road through history .. Let us wander back in time once again to 1799, when Napoleon came to power as First Consul.

With Chaptal as Minister in 1801, they decide to create the Beaux Arts museums in Provence, and 15 French cities all in all, i.e: Marseille and Lyon, but none at this moment in Ajaccio, whereupon Lucien Bonaparte starts sending books to Corsica, allowing Cardinal Fesch to look after them.

The Cardinal questions himself as to future possibilities for youth in Corsica, realising there is nothing other than professional activity in agriculture and ...

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The ‘signadora/signadore’ perpetuate and transmit

signadora - Corse Passion

These are people possessing healing powers who chase the evil spirits, reeling off their magical prayers for both humans and animals.

Lincantesimu” is a
purification session of the soul – a ritual that must be precededby a mantra learnt exclusively on Christmas night by the person who wishes  to practise it. If we transmit this mantra outside of Christmas, the power is lost.
Grandparents teach these prayers to their grandchildren.

suite to:



Source: Corse Passion ©

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‘Brocciu’ – a highly appreciated speciality from Corsica, and its legend ..

1512635_436009366527620_516652015_n ‘Brocciu’, which is very strictly controlled (AOC) since 1983, and the only product (AOC) which is made from whey (usually, this could have been thrown away, or given to pigs – but, it contains proteins).

To make 1 kilo of this type of Corsican cheese, 11 litres of sheep milk are required. The whey is heated at 35°C, and then salted, whereupon 15% of full-fat milk is added before raising the temperature to 90°C. The white particles are skimmed and put into cheese strainers (fattoghje or casgiaghje), successively in layers. The flocculation of the proteins from the whey is exclusively obtained from the heat of a direct flame (or open flame) from the recipient or tank containing the whey – without any use of cooling liquids.

Heated slowly and slightly stirring, until the temperature rises...

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Corsican Tangerine+Praline Tiramisu


An all-time favourite over the winter months, with fresh seasonal tangerines – just delicious.

for 6 glasses: Preparation: 30mins

Ingredients:- 3 eggs

– 100grs sugar

– 200grs praline chocolate

– salt

– 250grs mascarpone

– Corsican tangerines

– milk

– powder chocolate

– finger biscuits


Beat the egg yokes until fluffy white. Melt the chocolate and add to the yokes, add the mascarpone and mix well. Mount the egg whites, with a pinch of salt. Add to your preparation, mixing slowly. Heat a little milk, and add some powder chocolate, and blend.
Dip some finger biscuits into the chocolate milk, and place in the bottom of your glasses. Add sections of tangerines (in a rosette display). Cover with the mascarpone cream and repeat levels of biscuits, tangerin...

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The infinite passion of life through cinema, with Jean-Patrick Desjobert


When a flow of ideas, opinions, desires and perceptions occur within an exchange, this can be translated as a natural, spontaneous and creative osmosis – a sentiment I witnessed having met this talented, young director – who is also an actor.

Why do I state director in the first place? simply because having viewed his recent/first short film, ‘Je suis un souvenir et bien plus encore’, at the English/Irish film festival held here in Ajaccio, the emotional atmosphere portrayed is active, intense and within these short minutes, the spectator literally absorbs – through a very strong dose of sensitiveness. The idea materialised rather quickly, a parallel of memories and time passing by, where fluidity of movement and sensuality dwell and where also twelve hours of work were involved...

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