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What’s the particularity of ——> PERI ?

Peri Yannick BVillage heart to heart, in just a few lines



Well, there are 2 main ones, in my opinion.

Firstly, the fact that this village was built within megalithic surrounding walls, on the Quercitti plateau. When the Saracens arrived during the VIII century, the village moved to take refuge up in the hills and along the mountainside.

Secondly, there’s a wonderful restaurant up there, ‘Chez Seraphin’ – overlooking the mountains, where you will remember a gorgeous meal within homely, friendly surroundings (I vouch for that myself).


Photo credit: Yannick Bovay Copyright ©



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James Boswell the Scotsman, and a lifelong friend of Pascal Paoli

James_Boswell_by_Sir_Joshua_Reynolds Wikipedia(1)After having travelled around Germany, Switzerland and Italy for a year, Boswell decided to go to the Mediterranean island of Corsica in the fall of 1765. The island was at the time the scene of sporadic skirmishes between occupational forces from Genoa and France on the one side and a Corsican independence movement led by General Paoli on the other. Boswell gained passage from Italy to Corsica on an English ship, and joined only by his man-servant travelled to the interior of the island and the stronghold of the rebel forces. Here he met and befriended the rebel general, and took extensive notes of his visit, before he left again for the European mainland. In 1768 Boswell published his account of the visit and of his meeting with Paoli, who had by then gone into exile in London and who...

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The legend of the Church of Muratu

contes et legendes corse Murato

Merimée recalled this church as being the most elegant and attractive of the island of Corsica, in 1839.

This Roman building (of Pisan style) dates back to the 12th century. Legend says, that it was built by angels in the course of just one night, being rebuilt over the 18th century. A surprising gallery of portraits and also a very moving legend. It is also thought that the two figures on the facade represent the two masters who initially financed the construction back in the 12th century, or on the other hand possibly symbolising both religious and legal power.

A remark could be made here; on the other side of the road facing the church, a headstone; where one can read the following names in Latin: Romanus Murati and Achilles Murati – loyal lieutenants of Pascal Paoli, during the 18th...

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The Shepherd’s Huts of Alzeta

Alzeta la Corse Autrement, la Corse passionément


Undoubtedly some of the finest and most attractive shepherd’s huts you can come across here on the island are those of Alzeta – seen from afar, with their red wooden shutters which just stand out in the landscape. Situated on the south of the GR20, passing by ruins at Cimoni and continuing to Palmente Pass (1657m), one must come back down to meet them at 1553m (and also under Lake Alzeta 1690m) – water being accessible to all, for deserved refreshment !


Photo credit: ©

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A lapse of time at the Monte GOZZI



Just imagining the fierce struggles that went on up there, as once upon a time there was a feudal castle implanted right on the top (9th-14th centuries). Fierce battles were fought between the Lords of the Cinachesi and the Lords of the Gozzi, along with parts of the Genoese community. In order to break the resistance, it was completely destroyed by the Genoese Office of St. George (belonging to the Rep. of Genoa).

Today, this is a popular walk up to the Gozzi rock (708m) and can be a family outing too, offering an exceptional view of valleys and gulfs.

(On your way to Cargèse, up in the town of Appietto, north-east of Ajaccio)

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