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Top Six: choice of books on Corsica

An_Account_of_Corsica WikipediaAlthough there may be others, just six for starters – historical, personal, cultural/traditional and natural – and I’ve updated with new information for you.

– random order



An Account of Corsica by James Boswell (published by Oxford University Press in 2006, edited by James T. Boulton and T. O. McLoughlin – first published in 1768)

Corsica by Dana Facaros (2001)

Granite Island, Portrait of Corsica by Dorothy Carrington (1971+1984)

GR20 The Corsican High Level Route by Paddy Dillon (2001)

Corsica by The Lonely Planet (5th edition, 2010)


– Edward Lear’s Journal of a Landscape Painter in Corsica – published in 1870 after his ten week visit in 1868


Photo credit: Wikipedia

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It is said, that legends and myths are largely made of truths – a Corsican legend

Tova Sean

The old shepherd told his story to the children of the hamlet …

During the fourth century, the lake had already led to the river. The grandfathers of our grandfathers who had always been shepherds, brought their herds there during the summer months. However, all through this time the devil’s forge had never stopped working. Satan spent whole nights using lightning to turn on his ovens, and water from the lake to soak his tridents and blades.

During the daytime, nobody ever saw him coming down to the bank – but, one summer evening he decided to venture near the dreaded water; for she puts out the fires, freshens our bodies up and reflects our pure souls...

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My top ten glasses of Corsican wine – ones you will not forget !

(random order)

Clos Canarelli – 20114 Tarabucetta

– outside of Figari, on the south side of the island

Domaine Maestracci – E Prove, 20225 Feliceto

– inland from Calvi on the north and at the foot of Mount Grosso

Domaine Saparale – 20100 Sartene

– the Ortolo Valley, between Sartène and Bonifacio, towards the south

Domaine Comte AbbatuciAjaccio

– the Taravo Valley, near Filitosa (prehistoric site) and south of the island

Clos SignadoreMorta Piana, 20232 Poggi d’Oletta

Nebbio region, north of the island

Domaine de Torraccia – 20137 Lecci                                                                                               grapes

– just beside Porto-Vecchio, on the east

Clos d’Alzet...

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Underwater, to the amazing world of coral

Corail Corsica Photosub l'or rouge du Valinco

The underwater world amazes and will continue to do so. I’m not relating to constant and current discoveries, but more so to what is within – what lies beneath the water and that which we hear about and sometimes see, but in fact, know very little about most of the time. Let’s take the example of coral; attractive, colourful and precious.

Do you realise that there would be around 5,600 species of coral world-wide, within which 500 would be in Europe alone – with over 200 coming from the Mediterranean. Now, we know that climate change and fishing are ongoing menaces too, but where Corsica and more precisely the natural reserve of Scandola are concerned, strict protection has permitted the coral to continue to develop over thirty years.

Let us remember, in the Mediterranean red coral i...

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Lentils and Figatellu – worth the try!


Another delicious and typical Corsican speciality.
Figatellu being very popular/savoury and can be tasted in various ways. This particular recipe is handy and quick, also ideal over the winter months.

Preparation: 10mins

Cooking: 30mins


– 500grs green lentils

– 1 big onion

panzetta (thick bacon)

– 1 figatellu

– tomato paste, bay leaf, salt, pepper, thyme, sunflower oil

Cook lentils for around 20mins, drain and reserve the cooking water. Cut panzetta into pieces and brown the onion. Cut the figatellu into biggish pieces. In a casserole dish, brown the panzetta and onion in a little oil. Add the tomato paste and the pieces of figatellu, leave to cook for a few minutes.
Add lentils, season and add thyme and half of a bay leaf – mix well, then...
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