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Chess in Corsica, quite a show !

4446678-6682056We all know, numerous qualities are required in order to fully appreciate a game of chess. And for those who allow themselves moments of participation recognising the compulsion, a sensation of competing, armoured with (only) self ability. Karpov reminds us that ‘chess is everything; art, science and sport’ …

It is wonderful to observe the willing and growing interest here in Corsica too. Let us bear in mind, that proportionally there are more participants here than on the mainland, gaining growth constantly.

Taking the whole island into account, there would be 8000 players, and 15-20 clubs...
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What is a particularity of —> OMESSA ?

Village heart to heart, in just a few lines:  OMESSA

                                                        Omessa (Villages Corse)

Omessa, a land of lords and prelates. During the 14th/15th centuries, three bishops came from the same family; the Colonna family – Antonio, Giovanni Padovani and Ambrogio, and all buried in the church.

Photo credit: Villages de Corse Copyright ©

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‘A Nanna’, a Corsican lullaby

a Corsican woman

Did you know ?

‘A nanna’ means lullaby in Corsican. ‘A nanna’ (monody) : lullaby taking two forms in Corsica.

These two structures can be found in the ‘lamenti’, the arrival and the departure in life, forming an identical pattern.

This approached theme is important; a grandmother relates family life to her descendants, and with inspired respect describes a bright future.

The Corsicans used to improvise quite a lot, thus each family possessed a specific version of the lullaby.

From grandmothers to their grandchildren, or from mothers to their daughters, the most important verses were handed down, often known regionally to which was added a source that was/was not kept, following the impact it had on the population. The songs improved in this way, from generation to generation.

She say...

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Why Choose Corsica ? – Top Ten Answers

(random order)

1) DIVERSITY : Most definitely, the diversity of this island is an essential point and ‘key’ word, with a large category of reference; i.e: you can be lying on the beach and staring up at the nearby mountains; now, are there many places where you can do that ? Discover endemic species, insularity favouring many indeed. Real seasons can be witnessed ! shades, flavours and environment react fully to each. Fairs can be enjoyed throughout the year, where a large choice awaits you, depending on the moment you choose, naturally. Festivals running all through the summer months, and quite a variety (refer to my articles in the Festivals/Events category, for further info).

2) GO ON A WINE TRAIL : The island offers choice wines, which are renowned and exported, with over 40 ...

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The Niolo, land of shepherds

Haute-Corse_marchands_de_fromages_de_Niolo Wikimedia Commons

For centuries, the shepherds of the Niolo region, lived
away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in their secluded valley beyond the narrow pass of the Scala di Santa Regina. One enters the Niolo through the village of Castirla. A narrow road weaves in and out of the valley, following the river Golo, which is the longest coastal river in Corsica.

The more one sinks into the Niolo, the higher the summits appear, rising on both sides of the narrow road, and the river seems to disappear into the depths of the green valley.

The rarer the vegetation becomes, the more the road carves itself in the surrounding rock, within spiky, mineral walls and where the river-bed is no more than a narrow rift; this is the Scala di Santa Regina pass.

As is often the case, the Corsicans perceive t...

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