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Corsica holds a record of dolmens and menhirs !

Le site préhistorique de Filitosa et ses statues-menhirs.Corsica would appear to be the region possessing the most dolmens and menhirs in Europe. Around 500 have been accounted for. A record ! However, what is special about this island as compared to other islands in the Mediterranean, is the fact that on certain menhirs one can distinguish human faces, even whole bodies of armed men. Half of these menhirs statues made between the Neolithic and Bronze Ages are situated in Filitosa, in the Sollacaro municipality, southern Corsica. Once the true origins were forgotten, the following generations desired to explain the presence of the strange statues, generally inverting the meaning of the cult. Legends tend to attribute an evil origin to them, saying the devil passed by there – thus, on the Cauria plateau, in the Sartene region, a dolmen has been ...
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Wandering through ‘Customs & Beliefs’ : Usi Corsi

Gorges of Spelunca (Sandra L)Often, these words have been heard ‘In Corsica, tante paesi, tante usanze’ (in Corsican, meaning: ‘to as many villages, as many habits’). Each region of the island has been capable of conserving its treasures, traditions, habits and customs.
Through the centuries, oral tradition has perpetuated the myth of what is strange and wonderful. The memory of the Corsicans, steeped in history and culture, handed down from generation to generation, up until not so long ago.

Today, as this diluted past returns through fragments of our childhood, we seek to restore the essence, sometimes with endless nostalgia …
A place, or faces engraved on some old, faded photos question us and we are plunged into a world that is no longer – one of customs and beliefs.
Each village and hamlet have their own church, ...

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Bitalza, and the largest set of shepherd’s huts

Bergerie de Bitalza Corsica PCM


Bitalza, is known to be a very picturesque village, offering an amazing panoramic view. The set of shepherd’s huts here (at a height of 1050m) is also known to be the largest (composed of 53), certain having been very well restored. These huts were actually a refuge for the population of the village of Sotta, during the war and when epidemics ravaged.

Located within the Cagna mountain range, between Porto-Vecchio and Figari. An easy walk there and back, and can be a family outing – a nice idea for a visit, don’t you think ?



Photo credit : Corsica Più Chi Mai Copyright ©

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