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‘U Cursinu’ – A Corsican breed of dog, first appearing over the XVI century

Yes, Corsica does have a breed of dog. Making a first appearance over the XVI century, to somehow be forgotten after the 50’s, mainly due to the fact that there have been so many breeds/new breeds entering and acclaiming public attention, especially from an international point of view.
This breed was primarily used as a farming/hunting dog, and since the late 80’s has been on the ‘come back’, thanks to a very motivated association who promoted the need to guarantee the continuation of this breed and fortunately enough as a very useful dog. Hunting wild boar is the essential task, although they have even been used for hare and fox too, but wild boar would be the most popular...
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Sambucucciu d’Alandu : historical figure

Storia di Corsica S d'Alandu                   Sambucucciu d’Alandu:

A native of the pieve of Boziu, belonging to the jurisdiction of Corti. In 1358, the farmers from the Terra di U Cumunu decided they had just about enough of the permanent local community wars, and they wished to defend themselves against the arbitrary of the feudal lords, suffering under their constant oppression.

They hold a Cunsulta in Merusaglia, whereupon they elect their leader. He makes himself ruler of Corsica, with the help of the Genoese, and signs a voluntary pact of submission between the Terra di U Cumunu and Genoa. The agreement with the Genoese is as follows; in exchange for twenty pennies per family, the Genoese insure their protection...

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What’s a particularity of —-> VENACU ?

Village heart-to-heart, in just a few words:




Cheese ! the ‘venachese’ – a soft cheese with a washed rind, maturing generally for around 45 days – and one of the five types of farmhouse cheese actually taken into account in a regional farmhouse cheese contest, held there annually in May. Also, one of my all time favourite villages, just oozing with charm …


Venacu la corse autrement ..



Photo credit: La Corse Autrement: la Corse passionnément Copyright ©



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Corsican Stones: tradition and passion perpetuated with ‘Les Pierres de Corse’

1526578_233045703533912_1710805225_n(1)There lies an ongoing fascination where stones are concerned, the reason could spring from the fact that their inertia and endurance surprise, reassure and yet we remain aware that they are belonging to non-living material, although existing in our world, without the need to breathe or manifest a reality. I decided it was high time I looked into this.

Direction: Corsican Stones – ‘Les Pierres de Corse’

A spot in town I have very often viewed, where tones and shapes catch your eye. Intrigued, I decided to find out more.

With twenty years of experience behind him, Jean-Paul Castelli runs two premises, one being in the centre of Ajaccio and the other up in Bastia. It was in 1999 he opened here in Ajaccio, beforehand he had been occupied with fairs, having initially started creating jewellery ...

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What’s a particularity of —> PIEDIGRIGGIO ?

Village, heart-to-heart in just a few lines :


Both the bell tower and chapel are separated from the Saint-Michel XVI century parish church.
A village situated in the upper part of the island, and belonging to the township of NioluOmessa, not far from the Popolasca Needles.





Piedigriggio Villages de Corse



Photo credit: Villages de Corse Copyright ©

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