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From the north point of Corsica, windmills continue to blow their legends ..

moulin à vent du Cap Contes et Legèndes Corses (Fb)Strange indeed is the legend about one of the windmills up on the north point of Corsica, a land friendly with winds, and calling for the presence of grain mills. Thirteen have been built on the north point, to the west around Centuri and to the east, towards Macinaghju. Today, only ruins remain, except for one: the Mattei windmill, which is no longer a mill, but an advertising emblem restored by the Coastal Protection Agency.

Out of thirteen mills which were in operation over the XIX century, only seven remain visible. Some, in ruins, have been invaded by the ‘maquis’; two others dominate the Serra pass (district of Centuri). They have no roof. One is being used as a sheep shed, whereas the other, being abandoned still possesses its double millstone. They face the Mattei windmill.

The sto...

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What’s the Bistrot du Cours up to these days ? –> update on events

cafe citoyenConstantly changing, evolving with attractive suggestions, the ‘Bistrot du Cours’ is a very busy spot, right in the heart of the town of Ajaccio – thus, accessible to a large community.

My previous article spoke of last year’s activities. However, Pascal and his son Alex, always desiring to innovate and continue proposing several appointments, at times on a monthly basis or other times, more frequently.

Let’s start with the monthly suggestions:

– A Philosophical Evening ‘Café Philo‘ – where a subject is chosen beforehand and suggested to the public, (animated by Prof. Decheveau); usually lasting between two to three hours, and more and more popular as time goes by, for those present participate and share their personal views.

– A Psychological Reunion: ‘Café Psy‘ – here again, a subj...

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What’s a particularity of —–> PETRACURBARA ?

Village heart-to-heart, in just a few lines :


Picturesque, this village faces the Tuscan Archipelago – notably, to the north Capri, and to the east Elbe (on the east coast, just 18 km from Bastia). Known to be one of the most genuine villages of the north point of Corsica.




Petracurbara Bastia Tempi d'O



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