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Finding out more about: The Romanesque Chapel of Santa-Maria-Figaniella/di Vighjanu

Patrimoniu di Corsica 3In the series of Romanesque chapels, the one belonging to Santa-Maria-Figaniella (or Santa-Maria di Vighjanu) is indeed a very pretty choice. The municipality of Figaniella belongs to the micro region of Viggiano, up in the north (Rocca). The Santa Maria Assunta church of Santa-Maria-Figaniella dates back to the middle of the XII century, and the facade bears a single portal. The lintel sits on top of an opening with a semicircular archivolt. A frieze, composed of architectural styles is separated from the gable, with teeth shaped ornaments. The square based bell tower is composed of three openwork levels, and the top (which is non-Roman) is characteristic of the region. The same style of decoration can be found for the semicircular chevet, as is also found on the facade, and the origin...
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The fall of the Niagara – where, why and how

Niagara 2Our second wreck coming up – for the Niagara went down on March 28th, 1983 and lies in Calzarellu (Prunelli di Fiumorbu), on the east coast of the island.

Built in 1958, this Panamanian cargo of around 100m, was hunted down by the Italian customs off the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia during the month of March, 1983.

So, what was the reason behind this hunt ?

Contraband cigarettes. In the heat of the situation, the crew (thus, the smugglers), set fire to the cargo and just abandoned it to its cruel fate. The Navy was commissioned to riddle it with munition, and thereafter, many shell holes could be observed in the superstructures, but the Niagara just refused to sink ....

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What’s a particularity of —-> VARGUALE (Guarguale) ?

Village, heart-to-heart: VARGUALE Guarguale (Corsica meia)
Believe it or not, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton stayed there on several occasions between the 60’s and the 70’s.

The reason ?
principally, because the film director Joseph Losey was shooting his film ‘Boom’ in Corsica and Sardinia at that time.

In homage to Liz Taylor at her death in 2011, a mass was celebrated in the village in her memory.
Vargualè, a village belonging to the Taravu region (south of the island), spread out on a steep slope, and set in a circular movement – the houses can be viewed with many niches, and some large natural lintels.

Photo credit:
Corsica Meia Yannick B Copyright ©

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Daucus Carota (bird’s nest/bishop’s lace) flourishes here ..

Common names: bird’s nest or bishop’s lace –

Ass O di R (carrotte)This is a flowering plant belonging to the Apiaceae family, extensive in Europe, and often considered a weed. An annual/biennial plant growing along the road, especially if the soil is calcareous, and can grow up to one metre in height. Composed of numerous small white and/or pink flowers, with a tiny purple and black flower in the middle; this central ‘rosette’ is sterile. Flowering from June to September, whereupon the stalks curl inwards – a natural defence protecting the ripening fruit.


Usage in cooking: the leaves and the root of the carrot can be eaten raw or cooked, under the condition of being picked when they are very young (during the first year, before the flower appears)...

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A B26 lies at the bottom of the sea, at Lavasina .. what happened ?

Corsica PhotosubIt was on July 12th, 1944 after a successful bombardment of a railway station in Italy, the twelve B26 Marauders head towards Sardinia, in order to rejoin their base. But, one of these aeroplanes, after the failure of the first engine, is obliged to land on the sea when the oil pressure of the second engine starts to lower, dangerously. Sailors from a British launch pick up the pilots, and the crew is safe and sound.
                                           Corsica Photosub 2

The wreck lies at 65m on the bottom. The story goes, that the pilot landed the bomber surfing on a wave, with both motors cut. The propellers are not twisted in any way, and the canopies and gun mounts of the machine guns are still intact, even after seventy years of sinking ! corsica photosub 3

Lavasina: belo...

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