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‘The Lady of Bonifacio’, no other than our ancestor ..

la dame de Bonifacio Patrimoniu di CorsicaThe first known Corsican is, a woman – dating back to around 6750 BC. She was discovered in 1972, by François de Lanfranchi, a professor of the University of Corte, in the Araguina-Sennola shelter – a cave at the bottom of a gully in Bonifacio.

This cave opens within the limestone cliffs of the southern tip of Corsica, at around 200m from the current shoreline. It was discovered almost by accident, during works that were being undertaken by the landowner. Immediately, the prehistoric sections from Provence-Côte d’Azur intervened, and excavating started in July 1966, under the direction of François de Lanfranchi and Michel Claude Weiss...

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What’s the particularity of ——> LUMIO ?

Village heart-to-heart: LUMIO

Lumio location corseLumio possesses several particularities; one being, every year a stone fair is held there: ‘Fiera di a petra’ which started in 1993, and lasts two days during the month of July. The (ghost) village of Occi is also nearby; just 377m above Lumio. Also, the centre of the village is made of footpaths, and the road goes around the village ..

Also, if you’re interested in Romanesque chapels, there’s one to view made from pink granite, dating from the XII century; listed as a historical monument since 1980, for its outdoor setting. The facade is decorated with two lion heads that frame the monolithic lintel of the door, and it is located in the cemetery of Lumio.

Photo credit: Location Corse

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‘tête à tête’ with Maria-francesca Devichi : invoking bottled poetry ..

Olmeta di Tuda + Domaine Devichi Barbaggio 020I like on the table, when we’re speaking, the light of a bottle of intelligent wine” – if Neruda only knew how these words rang true – somehow, I believe he did. My encounter with Maria-francesca Devichi, brought these words to life; but, instead of sipping wine, I was ever so pleasantly savouring her incredible ‘muscat’, while she spoke with eagerness about her reputable domain.

My approach had been as follows. Years ago, I remember having tasted an absolutely divine muscat in the small, quaint, northern village of Barbaggio – so, with these recollections well intact, I was excited in returning and finding out for myself – whether this was still the case...

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Anto Tomasini, abstract artist – suite ..

Anto T - Bocognano 011(1)To allow sentiments/experiences to extract themselves, little by little through time, is a very important factor where Anto Tomasini is concerned – his work in recent times evolves through this imperative.

I had the pleasure of attending a second exhibition recently, and was inquisitive as to how his work was advancing.

Three themes were to be found placed in evidence:

– within the light of time (currently events)

– landscapes and history

– to the source of an idea        Anto T - Bocognano 014

It’s vital to add, there is an ongoing common thread within his work, of which he is completely aware of – expanding and developing with each series. The past is omni-present, laying down the foundations of what will spring forth basically...

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Spinning the story of the … ‘malmignatta’

patrimoniu di corsica spiderIn Corsican, ‘a malmignatta’ (malmignottao’ or ‘zinefra’), is a venomous spider also known under the scientific name as: ‘Latrodectus mactans tredecimguttatus’ … and happens to be a not too far off cousin of the ‘black widow’ – are we surprised !

The female measures around 15mm (whereas, the males reach 4mm), and can be identifid by black fur, upon which generally 13 abdominal blood red spots can be observed, spreading out within three lines on (and under) the abdomen. The male, although smaller, is just as venomous as the female. Enjoying night activity, one can come across them in the heart of nature herself; in fields and gardens, under stones or stacks of wood. The horizontal web is very irregular, and usually spreads further than hiding places...

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