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What’s the particularity of —> E LUPERTACCE/ALBERTACCE ?

Village, heart-to-heart : E LUPERTACCE/ALBERTACCE

Albertacce Bastia Tempi dOg

There’s such a quantity of archaeological attractions in this area – a museum was created by Lucien Acquaviva, within which one can view various objects coming from excavations from Sidossi/A Curnatoghja in Albertacce, and also the Stantara di Niolu menhir.

A historical little village, up north in what they call the ‘Niolu’ country – built on a gentle slope and surrounded by chestnut groves, right down to the Golu river. The Valdu Niellu forest, with its Laricciu pines, beech and birch trees, also enfolds some intriguing caves, to be observed.

The presence of a picturesque stone fountain, on the way out of the village is to be noted; furnished with a fresco representing two peasants, which is also in need of restora...

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Submerged entities, wherein reality has found refuge: sea of wrecks, reporting ..

3An undeniable fascination of the underwater world has fuelled man’s imagination since the beginning of time; the unknown, enigmatic, nebulous, visionary, at times unattainable and yet alluring, nevertheless. Scenarios, plots revealing the wildest adventures, nourished from reality – and imagination.

My interest continued to grow with the presence of a certain number of wrecks this island appears to have almost generously given refuge to, over the years – the next step was to contact a specialist with whom I could explore the circumstances and perhaps even learn their ‘submerged’ tales ..

Direction Corsica Photosub, to meet David Paoli.
“On life’s vast ocean diversely we sail, reason the card, but passion is the gale ....

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