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Pasquale Paoli’s final exile ..

Storia di San Fiurenzu Oct 14th

It was on October 14th, 1795 from Saint-Florent that Pasquale Paoli was to embark for his final exile, to England.
He declared to a crowd who had gathered in tears on the pier of the port:
“My departure, my friends, could not be more useful to you, after my performances having no effect. It will be more beneficial to my country that I am at the foot of the throne; I will have him know your loyalty and abuses that have oppressed you. I sacrificed my life to see you happy, I shall finish it in  desperation at not having been capable of achieving it.
Pray God that I may have a good trip, and for the preservation of my health – I swear to use it for the prosperity of my country, that I hope to be able to make happier in the spring, and who alone will receive my ashes.”
Pasquale Paoli reach...
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Dare to enter ‘Faeryland’, and be prepared to traverse the enchanted world of Magà Ettori

Magà Ettori - Isabelle Paoli - The man who dreamed of faeryland(5)My attention was attracted by this title: ‘The Man Who Dreamed of Faeryland’, that I happened to fall upon one day; call it fate, luck, or whatever mystical vibrations/ripples led me there, I realised I absolutely needed to lead my own investigation. But, first and foremost, we really require to go over Magà Ettori’s personal and professional records; for they deliver a very detailed, and expansive picture of the personage, necessary for the comprehension of his masterwork.
As a young man, he hesitated between two main careers: a sportsman (being a judoka, and junior champion of Corsica), or a painter (receiving a prize from the town of Ajaccio itself)...
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Meet Fabrice, cartoonist and creator of the most affectionate Corsican wild boar: Razorbacu !

couv2Since I discovered Razorbacu earlier on this year, I had been looking forward to meeting the creator of this genuinely humorous character. I set out to encounter Fabrice Sorlin, who has been living in Corsica for seventeen years now, dividing his time between his profession as a cobbler, and his passion, as a cartoonist.
“Shutting off the thought process is not rejuvenating; the mind is like a car battery – it recharges by running ..” Bill Watterson.
Some of you may recall a film entitled Razorback, by Russel Mulcahy back in 1984; this was to inspire Fabrice in creating Razorbacu – a Corsican wild boar, who manages to find himself in the most dreadful (although amusing) situations most of the time, whilst searching for a friendly contact, food and a little comprehension...
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What’s the particularity of —> BALOGNA ?

Village, heart-to-heart: BALOGNA

Balogna Photos Corses Laurena R

I’m urged to say, street art ! for I discovered this village only this summer; even though I had been around Vico many a time (and Murzo for that matter).

It’s very easy to miss the left turn to Balogna, when you’re driving out of Vico, so, watch out for it, if you decide to venture out there. A beautiful, quaint little village, with apparent stone houses, cobblestone streets … it appears to be comfortably nestled in the surroundings, and timeless – a valley, in other words, about 500m above sea level.

I’ve heard there are some extraordinary sunsets to be observed there during the winter months, which I have yet to discover. The road leading to the village, stops there, so, be prepared to spend some time wandering around.

As for the street art, ...

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Personalities linked with San Fiurenzu / Saint Florent

Stéphanie Rolier, Countess LefebvreDesnouettes (1787-1880) was by her mother Maria Benielli, first cousin of Letizia Ramolino – ‘Madame Mère’.
Storia di San Fiurenzu (personalities)

In July 1806, she married the Empire’s general, Charles LefebvreDesnouettes, in the presence of the imperial couple at the Hotel Thélusson’s chapel, who was owned by Joachim and Caroline Murat.

Charles LefebvreDesnouettes died on April 22nd, 1822, aboard the Albion off the coast of Ireland, during the wash ashore of his vessel on a reef, near the town of Kinsale, during very bad weather. Out of fifty-eight people aboard, only nine survived. The remains of LefebvreDesnouettes would never be found.

It was in memory of her husband, that his widow had a type of beacon erected at SainteAdresse near Le Havre, the famous ‘Pain de Sucre’ –...

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