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What’s the particularity of —> Pietra-di-Verde ?

Village, heart-to-heart: Pietra-di-Verde

pietra di verde (village)

Native village of Simon Vinciguerra: resistant, professor and author, who died in Bastia in 1971. The name of this pretty village comes from stones of verdure, as green schists can be pleasantly noticed, and the houses are often built on precipitous rocks. It is said, that the ruins of St. Benoit’s  monastery would be at the source of the Cavo stream; around which numerous large rocks have been found, some of which have rolled into the ravine, and others would have been used to build a sheep pen. However, ground instability, and the abundance of water has literally make any further investigations quite impossible.
Heritage tells us, some of the remains had been able to be recuperated and used to build St...
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Historical Corsica: October 1st – 15th

Oct 1st, 1949: Entrance exam for Ajaccio’s Electronic Engineering School

Oct 2nd, 1949: The Laetitia Cinema shows ‘The Adventures of Tarzan in New York’

Oct 3rd, 1949: The Bridge Circle opens at the Libération Brasserie in Ajaccio

Oct 4th, 1827: Antoine Pugliesi-Conti is born in Ajaccio (prefect)

Oct 4th, 1949: Prefect Maurice Papon goes to Calvi, Bastia and then on to Corte (5th), in order to bid farewell respectively to the Mayors of each town, before he leaves for Constantine

Oct 5th, 1956: The noncommissioned Corsican officiers on reserve, are informed that five instruction centres will be created especially for them: Ajaccio, Bastia, Corte, Calvi and Bonifacio
Oct 6th, 1956: Observation of the departure of Corsican youth towards the cities; and the return of the elderl...
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