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The ‘I Casteddi’ Menhir at Tavera, guardian of time

statue menhir de Tavera Loic ColonnaThis statue menhir ‘I Casteddi’ can be found in the municipality of Tavera (about 33k just outside of Ajaccio), and situated at the Tagliafarro pass, at around 1000m in altitude, and just below a medieval castle. Remaining in a good state of preservation, and with a length of 2.42m, it was classified ‘historical monument’ at the end of 2011.

Discovered in 1961, by Pierre Lamotte during explorations in the valley at that time.

One can notice remarkable sculptured details, which add to the value of this particular statue; dating from the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age, thus emphasising prehistoric presence once again. In this area, shepherds say it has the power to grow grass and preserve beautiful green meadows and pastures.

Photo credit: Loïc Copyright ©

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What’s the particularity of –> OLMETA-DI-TUDA ?

Village, heart-to-heart: OLMETA-DI-TUDA

Olmeta-di-Tuda Jean Pierre Olmeta

OlmetadiTuda is a village I love to visit, certainly one of the prettiest too. Narrow village roads, within which tall stone houses cluster comfortably facing both mountains and sea. We’re beside San Fiurenzu, Oletta, Patrimoniu and Biguglia, and of course not far from Barbaggio (where one finds the Domaine Devichi and their unmistakable wine+muscat), and in the Nebbiu region. At an altitude ranging from 300 to 800m, obviously the view is quite stunning, and where the whole valley of the Nebbiu can be admired.

A historical village too, and where traces of a Roman settlement were found in the valley. A notable remark, one of the finest and most gifted Corsican polyphonic groups originates from this village; no other than Barbara Fortuna...

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A few words on the Omessa fresco, discovered recently ..

Cucu Capula fresque d'ODiscovering one of the most invaluable painted scenes in Corsica; that of the Omessa fresco. This concerns a fresco discovered in November, during the restoration project of the Saint André of Omessa church, near Corte. A late Romanesque church (XV-XVI century) largely rebuilt during the Baroque period.

Behind a picture awaiting restoration and under some layers of whitewash, this fresco was revealed in excellent condition, and never having been altered. It immediately appeared as a major historical discovery for Corsican art, along with the original architecture of the church itself, on the island.

The pictorial quality is also quite remarkable...

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What’s the particularity of –> MONTEMAIO (MONTEMAGGIORE) ?

Village, heart-to-heart : MONTEMAIO
Montemaggiore Philipe Lagain
Our direction takes us back up north, towards the Balagne area and to the photographic village of Montemaio (Montemaggiore), perched on a rocky spur (381m), and inviting one to contemplate the plains of Montegrossu and Calenzana. We’re also at the foot of the mountain range of the Monte Grossu (1937m) – and if one can believe hear say, the cradle of a certain Don Juan – for his mother, Donna Anfriani was born here (although stories have been carried through time, as to the exact identification of our Don Juan in question). We’re very near Calvi here, so, exceptional views of the Bay can be observed, completing the natural charm...
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