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Omu di Cagna, a legend relates ..

A few words on the ‘Omu di Cagna’ ..                                                                         Omu di Cagna Contes & Légendes Corse

Just above Monaccia d’Aullène, at the Punta d’Ovace which rises to 1340m, stands in equilibrium on a narrow granite base, an impressive boulder with a human form – the Omu di Cagna, impassive and powerful, staring at the plains which spread at its’ feet.

According to legend, the Rocapina lion would have told the Omu di Cagna: “Se tu guardi la muntagna, eu ti gardu la marina.” (if you watch over the mountain, I could watch over the sea).
Depending on how one looks at it, the Omu di Cagna takes the form of a human head or that of a phallus.

Source: Contes & légendes Corse Copyright ©

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The Servite Convent, a place of silence and recollection ..

Venzo 2B (Vescovato article)At the Col St Antoine, one can find the ruins of the Servite Convent. And, it was here that took place the “La Consulta di a Casabianca”, where Pasquale Paoli was named “Babbu di a Patria”.

In the early 19th century, the monastery was burned by the conventional Salicetti.Today, beautifully refurbished and fenced off, it no longer suffers from the hooves of our peaceful cows, unconcerned about the old stones who continue to contemplate them. A short distance from Viscuvatu, it is a place of silence and recollection, that contributes to making the island an exceptional garden.

Source: Vescovato U Viscuvatu – Casinca – Corse
image: Venzo 2B Copyright

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Pasquale Paoli’s last breath in London ..

Storia di Corsica PaoliIt was on February 5th 1807, that the venerable old man, after an illness of only three days, surrendered his soul to God – in his 82nd year of age. He was born April 5th 1725, following the Latin inscription on his tomb and the English inscription on the pedestal of the Westminster bust. According to the desire he had expressed, he was buried without ceremony in the Catholic Church of St Pancras in London. His funeral, which took place on 13 February, that is, eight days after his death, barely cost 500 francs. Drs Burnaby and Giacomorsi who received the last breath of this illustrious man, chose a location in Westminster Abbey to erect a monument there, dominated by his bust.

Source: Storia di Corsica / Histoire de Corse Copyright ©
The Story of Pasquale Paoli by Bartoli

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A few words on: The Benedictines Convent/Monastery of the Saint-Sacrament

A wonderful image of what was also once a boarding school for girls; the Benedictines Convent/Monastery of the Saint-Sacrament (19th century) – located in the north of Erbalunga and the Cintolinu district. A cultural treasure, belonging to the municipality of Brandu. It was in 1916, and due to poor workmanship, that one of the wings collapsed. The main church (ringing) bell weighing 2 tons. It was a girls’ boarding school from 1899 – 1963, and the boarding area was connected to the monastery by elevated and underground passages. the monastery was founded in 1862, by Toussaint Casanelli d’Istria Bishop of Ajaccio.

Monastère Bastia Tempi d'O

Photo credit: Bastia Tempi d’Oghje
Copyright ©

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chapel / Chapel of the Greeks; past and present

la chapelle des Grecs Ajaccio aux siècles derniersAn interesting spot for you, on the way to the Sanguinaires Islands and on the sea front, and where one can observe, admire and visit the ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel’ chapel – otherwise known as the ‘Chapel of the Greeks’. Sunday mass is celebrated for those interested too. Having been abandoned over a long period of time, it was however returned to the church in 1972, whereupon important renovation was carried out a few years later in 1975 (due to the tercentenary of the arrival of the Greeks).

Way back in 1630, Pascal Emile Pozzo di Borgo, (who was commander of the guard of the Pope in Rome) decided to restore the building. Since the Middle Ages, it had become a sanctuary, facing the sea but also nestled in the ‘maquis’...

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