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A detailed map of our Genoese towers around the island

A bright idea, and very informative :

Paris sur la Corse towers


and if you missed my article about our towers, you can always catch up on reading with this link:

Source: Pari(s) sur la Corse Copyright ©

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‘I Mazzeri’ – Sorcerers, magic and the handing down of certain traditions

Magic is the power to act on the forces of evil.   Contes et légendes Corse
There are two kinds of magic: black magic, that is practised to harm enemies and white magic, indicated to help and heal those who are possessed by evil.
White magic is practised by those called the ‘signadori’ or ‘incantatori’. They also have a gift of divination, and are consulted when a feeling of bad luck is sensed, or to be released from a spell ‘annuchjatu’ or to fight off a disease.

Here’s how they work:
The ‘incantatore’ takes a dish filled with water, demanding it to be placed on the head of the bewitched, crosses himself three times while reciting a formula of exorcism and says a prayer – slowly spilling a few drops of oil into the plate filled with water...
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