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Brotherhoods: origin and role

OLMOIt seems that the brotherhoods would have seen the light of day in the Middle East, in secular communities of Essenes (living in the caves, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered). They arrived in France through Spain. The first fraternity on our soil dates back to the ninth century.

The geographic spread of the brotherhoods would have been during the medieval period of 500 – 1500. This period was favourable for such creations, with the fear of the future for the population, and also the plague epidemics that raged in Europe. The two regions who once counted the most brotherhoods were, Normandy and the south of the Mediterranean...

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From the Association Opera di Rutali : a few historical facts, to remember ..

10454910_432125763603819_837269833377033542_nThe taking of the San Stefanu pass, which was very strongly held by the Germans occupying Vallecale, Olmeta-di-Tuda and Oletta, turned out to be quite a daring mission – accomplished by the 1st regiment of Moroccan riflemen, on the morning of September 30th, 1943.
The three battalions of the 1st RTM received this order of mission from regimental headquarters, based in Murato. Troops had two batteries of cannons available to them, by the Italians. The 1st Battalion entered Rutali without any reaction from the enemy.
The officers then seeked a good location for mortars, which must cover Santu Stefanu and the Lancone road.
Three sections of outfielders and a machine gun section, set off by transporting arms and ammunition on their backs...

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