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What’s the particularity of —-> EVISA ?

Village, heart to heart : EVISA

Evisa U Paradisu

Evisa … even the sound of it evokes music, charm, poetry, beauty. Another gorgeous Corsican village for you today.

Just about 20km from Vico, and if you’re anywhere around Porto, Evisa is somewhere that you could very well find enchanting.

When Maupassant came to Corsica (1880), he loved to roam around the Spelunca gorges and the village of Evisa. In fact, he was inspired by what he saw/sensed, and parts of his book ‘Une Vie’ stemmed from these sensations. The poet ‘Minicale’ (Dominique Andreotti) was born here too.

Chestnut flour, charcuterie, cheese, honey, sugar-coated chestnuts – the list of what one can find there is indeed long and very tempting...

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Bandits : Stimulating the imagination, shocking morals and yet often fascinating society.

07_poli1Whatever our opinion of bandits may be, it appears they did prepare certain ‘paths of fame’, in spite of all. And when you really consider it, their future was not mapped out from the start – circumstances, reality, events, conditions of life and other elements continued to cast a forthcoming outline, of what would be their (often) perilous life. Corsica was certainly not exempt of these daredevils; a long, intricate and intense narration has been handed down through the ages; stimulating the imagination, shocking morals and yet often fascinating society.

As far as we can retrospect, it appears that bandits have just about always existed: ‘In medieval times, contrary to popular belief, most knights were bandits, mercenaries, lawless brigands, skinners, highwaymen, and t...

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A few words on Holy Week in Corsica ..

Holy week 3 Obviously, Holy Week holds an important role in Corsican history, even if Easter is a pagan feast, symbolising the arrival of Spring.

For Christians + Jews, this feast is also linked through bread without yeast; being that this bread has always been considered as an essential foodng symbolic in both religions.
We must remember, a symbol of life itself, featuring numerous times in the Christian scriptures – such as, ‘take and eat, this is my body given for you’.Holy week 2

On Holy Thursday and Good Friday all over Corsica, penitents parade, bare footed, wearing balaclavas...

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The Island’s Rivers : Part 2

1003272_491970740882020_570589421_nContinuing our tour of the island’s rivers: ‘Fiume di Corsica’


Finding its’ source east of Sartène, in the district of Levie; runs through the valley (which uses the same name), to finally throw herself into the Mediterranean sea just at the north of Pianotolli-Caldarello (north of the Erbaju beach, right beside the Roccapina lion) – at the end of 31,9km.


This is the island’s longest river (85km); similar to the Liamone, the name was very often used to denominate a particular place in Corsica. Numerous tributaries come to merge here too, for example: the Taratagine, the Stranciacone and the Asco...

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