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‘Witch Claws’ in Corsica : pretty, but invasive

Scientifically known as: ‘Carpobrotus edulis’.

A very widespread plant here in Corsica. Although very pretty to the eyes, it can be a threat to the balance of the environment and is uprooted several times a year.   griffes de s Musique Corse

A plant from South Africa:

Having arrived in Europe in the XVIII century, this plant likes to adapt to the Mediterranean climate, going from region to region until it arrived on our shores. Witch Claws do not like the cold, and usually grow in sandy environments.

If in its’ own natural environment this plant does not provoke imbalance with other species, it is not at all the same thing as regards the Mediterranean islands, and the Atlantic coastline...

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Winds: where/what/when winds appear to enjoy this island too ..

A TRAMUNTANA:                                                                                        Vescovato winds
A cold, dry wind from the north, especially in winter.

An important anticyclone from Siberia can be the cause at times, or a depression taking place in the centre of Italy.


Deriving from the Mistral from Provence. A dry, violent wind in the summer (with gusts, the sea rises with force in the Balagne area) – bringing rain in the winter.


Coming from the west, or south-west, it brings heat and rain to the sides exposed to the west, and following this, can be felt as a cold and dry wind in the interior of the island...

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