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‘Cistus’ – poem by Saveriu Paoli (1916)

storia di Corsica
Viscous cistus                                                                                                         
King of our beaches,
Clinging cistus
Bordering our threshing floors
Companion of our shepherds
Nowhere, does the beauty of your flowers not embellish
Come winter or summer, everywhere you are resplendent
– may he go to hell, he who sets you on fire (or burns you!)
May your essence never disappear
May you stretch and expand from mounts to marinas
Scatter and flower, flower and scatter,
Oh cistus, never cease to offer your colours and your energy
Viscous cistus, king of our maquis
Clinging cistus, bordering our threshing floors ..
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When a passionate and successful actor relates: presenting Nathanaël Maïni

NathanaëlFrom an early age – and when I say early, I am referring to the age of sixteenNathanaël Maïni found his way to the theatre; and the sentiment that it holds a certain liberty that is not equal to that of the cinema, has remained with him. His impressions were that of a ‘strange place’, which he continues to experience as an ongoing conviction.

Born in Bastia, the cinema in itself, is not exactly his passion – rather the elaboration of work concerned, the diversity and creation of roles, exchange and comprehension involved within.

My interest in hearing what he had to say, derived from the his ‘cameleon’ capacity I had witnessed with his many roles, that I had had the pleasure of viewing over a certain time, both in cinema and theatre.
Travelling is of course very much part of his rou...
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Mediterranean fish, stuffed with vegetables

Doesn’t this look amazing ? vegetables and fish from the sunny Mediterranean … let the sunshine in

Bon appetitu !

Recette Tozzi

Serves 6


– 1kg mussels

– 4 slices of stale bread

– 1 mullet (emptied and scaled)

– 4 chard leaves

– 1/2l fish soup

– 1 egg

– 2 shallots

– 8 peppers

– 4 fennel sprigs

– 8 small courgettes

– salt+pepper

– 4 soup spoons olive oil

– 8 small tomatoes

– 8 white onions

– bouquet garni

– 1 lemon


Soak the bread in 1/4l of fish soup. Cook the mullet 10min in boiling water, with the bouquet garni. Put the broth aside. Reserve the crumbled fillet.

Place the chard 5min in boiling water, strain and chop. Over high heat, open the mussels, shale and chop...

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The San Bartulumeu Convent in Pozzu, would be delighted to welcome you ..

Altra Rena Couvent de Pozzu BrandoSituated in the medieval village of Pozzu (Pozzo), the San Bartulumeu convent was founded in the 16th century, by the Capucins.

Very well situated, with gorgeous views of course, overlooking the sea, and not far from Bastia (around 13km). This convent has been restored and offers bed and breakfast, which should interest those who would like to spend some time in this region.  Acres of land, so many walks to discover too and visits to nearby Genoese towers. It holds a very impressive write-up, with welcoming hosts, and certainly worth dropping in to see for yourselves – there’s nothing like feeling ‘at home’ somewhere, especially when you are abroad. A stunning piece of architecture indeed.

Photo credit: Altra Rena Photographies Copyright ©

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What’s the particularity of —-> CANELLE ?

Village, heart-to-heart: CANELLE

Continuing our village visits ..
We visited Centuri not too long ago, now we’re arriving at the charming marina of Canelle, in Cape Corsica – which is just 2km from Centuri. In the past seemingly, it was named ‘Kanelate’ (of Greek origin) and was founded during the VI century. During that time, the church had a lantern tower (around 10m in height), with a constant fire kept alight, so that the sailors could more easily situate the marina. Commerce with Italy was quite common over the XIX century, as there were several warehouses. This is such a charming place once again, where one can spend hours roaming around, visiting, and taking in the scenery. Remember to take the time to view the gorgeous fountain embedded in the rock !

As it...

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