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Island Box Corsica : a release of fragrances, innovative and inviting

11015291_874764862560548_6123773275835998838_nI wasn’t quite sure what I would be exploring with this recent initiative, and was looking forward to meeting Gaelle Pommereau in order to learn more – the concept had caught my eye, with an attractive packaging and promises of hidden treasures, that were impatient to be discovered, with their respective fragrances.

Basically, this box is composed of 5 products that are produced on the island; natural bouquets and a ‘goody’ – usually made from traditional perfumed wax, which is the originality of the box too.

For every season, there is a proposed composed box – in other words, following nature’s cycle with respect. The price range is accessible and interesting : 35.90e (keeping in mind, if one was to purchase each product individually, the total would amount to 60e).

Up to now, ...

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A new proposal of Tiramisu – try it out !

There are many choices with tiramisu, here’s a proposal as a welcoming summer dessert – with chestnuts, muscat and canistrelli

Bon appetitu !      Corsica Guide Tiramisu

Serves 8

Ingredients :

Canistrelli :

– 250g flour
– 70g sugar
– 100g almond powder
– 150g whole almonds
– 60g salted butter
– 1/2 packet baking powder

– 2 eggs


– Muscat (Rivesaltes)
– chestnut jam
– 2 eggs
– 30g sugar
– cocoa powder

– 100g mascarpone

Method Canistrelli :

Grill almonds in oven for 5mins at 190°
In a salad bowl, blend butter and sugar
Incorporate flour, baking powder, almond powder and eggs
Grind the grilled almonds and mix in order to obtain a compact pastry
Put 1h in fridge
Preheat oven at 180°
Form a long, oval piece with the pastry
Place in oven for 10min – the crust will be brown, but the...
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Scallops with ‘Prisuttu’ (charcuterie), worth trying out ..

An interesting blend: scallops with ‘prisuttu’ – worth trying out
bon appetitu !
Scallops Corsica Guide

Serves 4


– 16 scallops

– 1 soupspoon olive oil

– 1 shallot

– 150g prisuttu

– 4 soupspoon crème fraîche (light)

– 1 glass white wine


Brown the chopped shallot in the olive oil. Add the scallops, and glaze for just 2min.

Season, add wine and prisuttu (sliced in large strips).

Allow to simmer for 15min, over a low heat.

Add the crème fraîche just before serving.

Source: Patrick Tozzi
Corsica Guide Copyright ©

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News: A recent release: ‘Exploring Europe’ – Corsica is concerned !





Anyone on their way to Europe, may be interested in this new release; within which you will find several of my articles on Corsica – I was kindly asked recently if they could be included, and am delighted they are! from the US: ‘Exploring Europe’
– may those concerned enjoy the read ..…/…/…/1935786962/

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