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What’s the particularity of —-> PINU ?

Village, heart-to-heart : PINU

Pinu 2During the XV century, this small town situated in Cape Corsica (at an altitude of 157m), changed hands regularly with the Lords at that time, who dealt with Pisa and Genoa. Upon the return of certain natives after high emigration to Puerto Rico, the constructions of large Tuscan houses, possessing sloped roofs, were not unusual to see – also very attractive and spacious. Imposing and dignified tombstones were erected – notably, that of the Piccioni family, which contains the ashes of Valentine Eiffel (Gustave Eiffel’s daughter, who married Camille Piccioni).The convent of St Francis (1486), used to be occupied until 1986, now awaiting to be hopefully renovated...

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What’s the particularity of ——> SARTENE ?

village, heart-to-heart : SARTENE

Sartène Alain PistorisiAround 15min. from Propriano, one can find the charming little town of Sartène. From medieval times, It has been called ‘the most Corsican of Corsican towns’ by Prosper Mérimé – remaining very traditional and bathing in heritage. The Genoese built this town around 1550, and is located just above the Rizzanèse Valley. It’s very quaint, with narrow cobbled streets, filled with small, interesting shops you feel like popping into to discover crafts, local products etc., and alleys leading here, there and everywhere. This little town was also very special during the island’s Resistance, around WW2. More splendid views with museums, a monastery, citadel and church for visits...

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Top 10 —> thanks to Corsicans ! – from Topito

An interesting choice from Topito recently caught my attention : Thanks to Corsicans !

1) Coca-Cola : In 1863, Angelo Mariani created a fortifying drink made from wine and Coca leaves. Exported to the US, John Smith Pemberton (pharmacist), sells it under the name of French Wine Coca – then came the prohibition, the wine is replaced by lemon juice and sparkling water and in the process, is renamed ‘Coca-Cola’.

2) Perfume : François Coty created his factory on the eve of WW1, and became No.1 worldwide.

3) The FBI : Created in 1908, by Charles Joseph Bonaparte – Napoléon’s grandnephew !

4) The discovery of America ! Christopher Columbus who discovered it, was supposedly born in Calvi (north of Corsica).

5) Roquefort cheese : Legend says, a Corsican shepherd forgot his bag, a...

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Tuna fish ‘à la Bonifacienne’

Tuna fish can be used in so many ways, but, here’s a speciality from Bonifacio for you to try out.

Bon appetitu !

Thon Tozzi

Serves 4


– 1 lemon

– 15cl olive oil

– 1 garlic clove

– 1 onion

– 1 slice tuna

– 5 tomatoes

– 10cl white wine


Allow tuna to marinate for 1h with olive oil and lemon.

Preheat oven, thermostat 7.

Prepare a tomate purée: chop tomatoes, onion and garlic finely, and brown in a little olive oil and white wine. Allow to reduce.

Glaze the tuna in a frying pan, without cooking it.

Place the tuna in an oven dish – cover with the tomato purée, place in oven.

After 4min of cooking, pour marinade on top and continue to cook for another 4mins.

Serve piping hot, with rice.

Source: Patrick Tozzi
Corsica Guide Copyright ©

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