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A bright idea: the opening of the first Yayourt – Patrice and Sandra relate

Y3A welcomed surprise in discovering an innovative idea this summer in Ajaccio – Patrice and Sandra opened their first ‘Yayourt’. Frozen yogurt, with organic (semi-skimmed) milk and no sugar – it’s simply delicious.

Having opened mid-July, and just in time for the height of the tourist season, their range of choice has grown and varied constantly over the months. This idea had been trotting in Patrice’s head for a while, possessing a management diploma and plenty of ideas ready for application.

So, where did this idea stem from ?
– from major European cities and the US.
Apart from exotic fruit, all products are mainly from the island itself.
They started off proposing sweet tasting, but since have widened out with both sweet and savoury; introducing tarts and a courgette-curry-coco soup.
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One loses all notion of time with Jérôme Camilly : Journalist/Author Jêrome CAt the idea of meeting an esteemed journalist and author I admit, a multitude of questions literally surged making their way for consideration. Adding to the fact that this choice is an islander, who now lives and writes here, I sincerely felt a long discussion was going to be planned and experienced – this was the case, and to be confirmed.

Jerôme Camilly was born in the village of Cristinnace, and remembers his school days with a certain nostalgia. Having attended the Lycée Fesch in Ajaccio, he continued his studies in Paris at the Lycée Henri IV, driven by a literary conviction...

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September 8th : On the island, this is a day of devotion to the Virgin Mary

Celebrating September 8th : A lovely story that has been handed down for the celebration of the devotion of the Virgin Mary, on this day: September 8th – and more specifically from Pancheraccia :  Vescovatu 8th Sept

‘In the course of the 18th century, a 12 year old child went with her mother to the woods, about 3/4h away from the village of Pancheraccia, so they could gather bundles of wood.

It so happened, she got lost and began to cry, complaining she was thirsty too – at that moment, the Blessed Virgin appeared and asked her why she was crying. “I’m lost and I’m thirsty” she replied. At these words, the Blessed Virgin made a hole in the ground and water appeared – “drink” she said, “and tell the people of this village to build a chapel here”...

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Let’s try : tagliatelles and scallops, in sauce – delicious

Bon appetitu !
Serves 4


– 400g fresh tagliatelles

– 1 leek

– 500g butter

– 180g scallops

– 6 soupspoons dry white wine

– 4 dill twigs

– salt and pepper                                                                                                      Tagliatelle noix st j


Peel the leek and remove the green, just keeping the whites.

Wash well, and slice. If the scallops are frozen, allow to defrost.

Melt half of the butter in a frying pan and slowly brown the leek, covering it until it becomes tender. Add a little salt. Cook the tagliatelles in a large saucepan in  salted boiling water, put them aside...

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