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Introducing: Pierre-Paul Marchini – Conceptual Artist in Abstraction

Marchini 2We had an immediate point in common : we were both admirers of William Turner, an English painter from the 18th and 19th centuries; Turner, whose work he would spend time studying at a certain point in his existence – when art was to become a priority, and also a way of life – remembering what an Italian critic once said of Turner’s works : ‘a new vocabulary in painting’ – which is exactly what it was.

Pierre-Paul Marchini speaks quietly, retracing his steps with modesty, but not without a certain obvious emotion all the same.

Born in Ajaccio, his interests also included music – however, it was Art that would capture his spirit and longing to express himself naturally...

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What’s the particularity of ——> MUNA ?

Village, heart-to-heart : MUNA    Muna Geraldine Gregori (Corse)

Muna – a village I have been meaning to tell you about – for a particularity lies in the fact that this village became a ‘ghost village’ many years ago.
On a barren slope at the foot of the Sposata mountain, one can discover the hamlet of Muna, which belongs to the district of Murzo – and is not far from Rosazia too. I remember distinctly visiting it years ago, and feeling a veil of desolation literally surrounding the whole area, ghosts of the past observing and paying attention.

Built around 1740, logging was a industry which allowed the hamlet to maintain a certain activity, and the timber was transported by the Liamone river for delivery.

There was an authentic village life, with many chestnut and olive trees, fruit and vegetables and even a...

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