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On our wine trail with sommelier Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti – a new recommendation


We continue with our wine trail, accompanied by Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti – this time we will be learning more about : Niellucciu 2014

This is a wine from Domaine Torraccia
Lecci di Porto Vecchio
AOP (PDO) and biological production
– a fruity, dry red wine
Nose :
Of a light ruby colour. Warm, with the intensity of red fruit dominating – but, notes of roasting and the maquis bring depth and freshness.
Mouth :
Very supple, the freshness of the surprise allows an organised delicate structure gifted with dissolved tannins, within which hints of both plant and mineral intermingle.
To be served between 14/16°, with carafing in order to liberate a light graining, and giving a thrill to these flavours...
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A Pampana Lumaca or Corsican Hopscotch !

Guide Corse marelleThis is one of the oldest games of hopscotch – Lumaca or Catalorzu.
The player who manages to push the disc from compartment to compartment whilst jumping without any errors, until he arrives in ‘paradise’ – wins the game.
So, how is this played ?
Sequence :
The player jumps and throws the disc from compartment to compartment, until he arrives in paradise – thereupon, he must return taking the same way back through all the compartments, and repeat a second relay. For the following turns, the player jumps on one out of two compartments, followed by one out of three, etc,.
Variant :
The number of compartments can be increased, and ‘rest’ compartments can also be inserted – wherein, the player can stand on his two feet.
A Pampana di i ghorni :
The player who manages to go through all ...
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‘Anima’ – relating a legend filled with soul

It was a November evening. After three years of war, a tired soldier returned on leave to his native land, after a long walk. He let his steps guide him to the centre of the illuminated village, where people were dancing to the sound of an accordion.
He walked to the bar, made out of of a board placed on two trestles, and ordered an absinthe.
While savouring it, he noticed a girl at the other end of the dance floor. She stood motionless under the dim light of a street lamp, she was beautiful and she looked sad.
After a long moment their eyes met. He gave a faint smile, which she returned immediately.
Then, taking his courage in both hands, he passed through the crowd to join her. Timidly, they spoke.
Her name was Marie, his name was Thomas … then he invited her to dance.
While he now hel...
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January is the month for: St Anthony’s (blessed) buns

petits pains de st antione béniSt Anthony’s (blessed) buns are lucky charms that should be kept for a whole year. Originally offered in honour of St Anthony and intended for the poor, especially in the form of bread and in that case holding a full symbolic value.



source: Corse Passion ©

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Sound advice from sommelier: Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti

Autourdu20I’m sure many of you often wonder what choice to take when serving certain meals, and which wine is perhaps more suitable than another. You’ll find a few choices here from Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti, sommelier in Corsica, and also someone who travels the island giving courses and generally informing the public of what is exactly out there on the market and that can be of interest to us all. This is the first of a long series hopefully, and where ‘savoir faire’ and ‘passion’ are beautifully blended.


Red 2013

This is a wine of beautiful complexity, due to the blending of six endemic varieties with (in spite of everything), a great deal of ‘finesse’.

The colour is ruby, aromas of spices and red fruit mingle with deep notes of leather, and finely wooded ripe fruit...

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