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The Legend of ‘L’ALBITRU’ (Arbutus)

arbousierOver the new year, it was customary for the children equipped with an olive branch, to go from door to door with wishes for the new year ‘bon di e bon annù !’. These wishes were, in return accompanied by gifts (e strenne), that were distributed by the mistress of the house; sometimes it could be fruit (oranges, tangerines, figs, walnuts), biscuits (canistrelli), or a coin (10/20cts).

After having knocked on the last door, and making sure that nobody had been forgotten, they shared their collection.

In the south of Corsica, the children did the rounds always leaving a branch of ‘albitru’ (arbutus) on the table before leaving – a symbol of loyalty, and here is the legend ..

When Jesus had been betrayed by Judas, and chased by the soldiers, he was hidden by a large arbutus – however, ...

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Frozen tangerines ! ready in a jiffy, they’ll add an original sight to your table

tangerinesSo easy ! – all you have to do is cut off the tops, and remove the flesh with a small knife, without damaging the peel. Place the shells and tops in the freezer. Cut the flesh into pieces, making sure to keep the juice. Divide into freezer bags, and place in the freezer for about 4h. When frozen, mix with icing sugar, in order to obtain a granita texture, and add egg white and mix again. Fill the shells with this mix, and replace in the freezer – take them out 15m before serving, and top with their frosted little hats !



Source: Clementine de Corse

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