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The Coastal Control Path – what does this entail

The ‘Sentier des Douaniers/ Sentier du Littoral’ was established by law on December 31st, 1976 – which created a right of way for pedestrians on the coast. This law allowed pedestrians to walk by the sea and along the beaches. The name is due seemingly to a lack of control. However, at that time, there were patrols of two or three customs officials who roamed the coast under surveillance. Presently, there are still many of these tracks in Corsica, which can be and are often used by sportsmen and adventurers, with an incomparable beauty guaranteed. In Calvi, in front of the Hotel ‘Il Tramonto’, there is one of these trails that leads to the Revellata lighthouse.    Office Municipale de Tourisme Calvi Revellata

The journey starts with a symbolic monument, in honour of the dead from the Balkans :
‘To the children, men and women, c...

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What can be said about : Occhiatana (Balagne)

Nestled 330m above sea level, Occhiatana remains out of sight from the Reginu Valley, protected by Mount Pinzu Sordu, which rises to 1206m.

It’s built around a 17th century church ‘Santa Maria Assunta’, in an area of 1265 hectares.  Aerosocsica Occhiatano
The ‘Balantins’ call it the village of ‘the three fountains’ – Ortu Vivu, Ghian di Goni and U Canalellu. Between sea and mountains, its’ coastline is between the Algaja cove, whose boundaries on one side is an old Genoese tower in Saleccia, and on the other side the Genoese tower of Lozari – right at the foot of the mouth of the Reginu.
In 1876, Occhiatana housed 720 people, and the income of the inhabitants came from agriculture and handicrafts – just imagine over 1265 hectares of mulberry plantations, along with olive, almond, lemon and vineyards...

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The Legend of the Enchanted Ring …

01_sorciere l'anneau enchanté Corsica MeaThis is a story that takes place in winter. Long, long ago, lived a very poor family of seven children. Every day, the six boys and their little sister went into the countryside to collect chestnuts. One day, when there were no more chestnuts to collect, the youngest brother decided to go and search for fortune, alone. After a few days of walking, he spotted an isolated house beside Pardina. He was hungry and thirsty, and very tired .. he knocked on the door. A beautiful woman opened, and bid him to enter – he didn’t know, that this beautiful woman was in fact, a wicked fairy disguised.

Then she dropped a gold ring at the young boy’s feet, which he picked up immediately and put it on his finger...
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Florie has a passion: Cocktails – An imaginative and inventive mixologist

Florie CocktailsThere are many passionate, innovative and unusual choices of career in this big, wide world .. one came to my attention some time ago, that of Florie’s eagerness being a mixologist – I certainly needed to find out more, as this is original, innovative and also suggests exotic, dreamy moments for all – who hasn’t allowed their mind wander whilst sipping a delicious cocktail !

How did Florie Castellana become a mixologist in the first place ?
Born into a family of hoteliers, with a Michelin starred restaurant, she believes her future was traced from the beginning. She spent her childhood discovering flavours, textures and a mixture of both.
How long has she been practising ?
After several experiences in well established places and with renowned names i.e: Alain Duasse and Joël Robucho...
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Pasquale Paoli to Grimaldi de Caccia

storia di C PaoliOne day, the press will be the greatest power of society. The inventor of printing killed despotism. The installation of the printer’s in Corte was the best response to the aggressive calumnies from my enemies. It proved to everyone that my generalship was to be the reign of opinion.’


Extract: A letter from Pasquale Paoli to Grimaldi de Caccia
Source: STORIA DI CORSICA / Histoire de Corse Copyright ©

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