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Lulishop : A Search For Original Corsican Products

My first reaction in discovering Lulishop was: ‘of course, that’s exactly what we need’ This is somewhere one can ‘shop’, finding quality products manufactured here on the island – a real find I believe, and I had to investigate as to how this idea had bloomed.¬†Portrait LauraLuli(1)

A marketplace assembling designers and craftsmen – and a gain of time and patience too, what with the quantity of products one is constantly confronted with regularly. Their advice is precious in this area.
Who’s behind this innovative idea ?
Two Corsican women, and childhood friends: Laura Ferrandini and Laura-Maria Sargentini. They both worked abroad (notably in the UK), and desired to return to their island with a new concept.
When did this actually start ?
It took off end of May, 2015 (which is quite recent, as you’ll di...
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