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Exotic and tempting destinations with: L’Ailleurs Café

L'Ailleurs Kfé 010Now, this is somewhere which allows your taste buds to expand and travel, and I think from time to time we really need to indulge in flavours and intensity resulting from comestible excursions !

L’Ailleurs Café is centrally situated in Ajaccio with easy access, and caters for a minority of those who enjoy ambitious efforts. You really require to book beforehand, as it seats around twenty, in cosy and aromatic surroundings – the warmth of wood and spices enfold and delight.
Let me give you an idea as to what destinations of choices you can expect: India, Kenya, Ceylon, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, Greece, West Indies, Egypt, Tibet.
These are especially catered for on Saturday evenings, it’s a ‘world tour’ you’ll be invited to...
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Raphaël Federici is proud of his Corsican roots! now, meet the person behind the artist

Raphaël Federici 7Delighted to bring to your attention a young artist of Corsican origins, now living on the mainland – in Paris to be precise. Raphaël Federici finds his roots in Calvi, with a Corsican mother and Cameroonian father, and says people are often surprised to learn that he is in fact, more ‘Corsican’ than he appears to be. This island remains his native land, having grown up between Calvi and Aix-en-Provence, and of course having family remaining here too. Raphaël was very pleased to have an interview from someone here in Corsica, as he could share his opinions and inform the public as to exactly what he is engaged in, with his artistic adventures. He’s full of life ! bouncing with energy and highly motivated.

When did you realise you wished to be an artist Raphaël ?
‘I think I understood ...
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‘A FATA D’ALISGIANI’ – The Legend of the ‘Fairy from Alesani’

Chris Allen Fairy, who occasionally appear in the human world are generally beautiful – and it is said that men, despite the fears they experience in seeing them, fall in love.

The fairy has very long hair, sparkling eyes and possesses eternal youth.
During the daytime, in order to hide from men, she dwells in unreachable places; such as deep caves, the bottom of rivers and mountain tops. Yet, it does happen that a man and a fairy meet, driven by a mutual curiosity – and this encounter brings happiness, health and wealth to the man. This story about Alesani and Francescu bears witness here.
Once upon a time, in the Orezza valley, there lived a very poor family. One day, feeling very disheartened, the father said to his children: ‘Leave, and seek fortune, for bread is becoming scarce here !’
Poor Fr...
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Celebrating St Joseph with: ‘I Panzerotti’ on March 19th

Here in Corsica, St Joseph is celebrated on March 19th, notably with ‘I Panzerotti‘ – another speciality for you to try.

Bon appetitu !
Serves 6
Ingredients:                                                                                 Corsica Guide St Joseph
– 125g chick pea flour
– 60cl water
– 50g sugar
– 3 eggs
– 1 small glass of brandy/eau de vie
– 1 packet vanilla sugar
– 1 teaspoon baking powder
– 2 soup spoons orange blossom
Zest of 2 lemons (non-treated)
Mix chick pea flour with 9 glasses of salted cold water in a saucepan. Keep stirring for 15m, allow to cool. In a large bowl, mix flour, sugar and baking powder. Make a well in the centre and add eggs, eau de vie, orange blossom, zests of 2 lemons and a pinch of salt. Mix well...
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Wine trail No.3 – with Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti ‘Autourdu20’

For this edition, we’ll take pleasure in discovering : Clos Canereccia Rosé 2014

– a wine from the region of Aléria
Clos Canereccia
AOP ‘Vins de Corse’                       Autourdu20 image


Of a lovely grenadine pink, sparkling and limpid.
Fresh and fruity. redcurrant jelly, and slightly spicy.
Direct and expressive. Gorgeous !
A wine of circumstance ! sufficiently subtle to be appreciated and served as an aperitif. It is also generous and persistent. A Nielluccio that profits from an ensemble of pressing and wine-making, benefiting from a real freshness and a well-tempered character.
Source: Raphaël Pierre-Bianchetti ©
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