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A short history of ovens and their bread ..

oven Ornetto (V) For generations now, men and women have dedicated much of their time into making bread. Not only wheat was used, but also corn, rye, barley, and chestnuts.

Cereal bread (pane di u ranellu) was usually barley, rye or wheat.

‘U pane pisticcinu’ or ‘pane castagninu’ was made entirely from chestnuts – it had the disadvantage of being conserved but a short time.

In the old days, baking was once a week and usually on a Saturday. Homemade bread (pane casanu) was made in the family oven (u furnu), if there was one of course. Otherwise, it was made beside the church in what was called ‘u furnu di campana’, beside the bell tower. Women used the ovens collectively, taking turns and were in charge of the firewood for heating...

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The Mediterranean Cormorant

The Mediterranean Cormorant (Phalacrocorax Aristotelis Desmarestii).

Cormorant Réserve Naturelle de ScandolaThe reproduction season for this species has already begun,
Measuring from 68 to 78cm in length, and weighing 1.3 – 2kg, their wingspan goes from 95 – 110cm – this bird is a subspecies of the crested cormorant (Phalacrocorax Aristotelis). She exclusively visits the rocky shores. The males on average, are larger than the females. Thin beak and short forehead. During the mate call, the adults are a dark, glossy green, with a bright yellow mark at the angle of their mouths and they display a hoopoe. Later on, they become more brown. The cormorant has a fast flight beat. Nesting can begin as early as the end of October – peaks are in Jan/Feb, with one to six eggs. The maximum longevity observed has been twenty years...
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An alternative choice of: Corsican soup

It’s that time of year still and time for a good, tasty soup – you can vary ingredients here if you wish, many have their own way of making this too – the choice is yours.

Bon appetitu !

Serves 4                                                                                                                      soupe corse

Ingredients :

– 150g kidney beans

– 150g haricot beans

– a few potatoes

– 2 tomatoes

– 2 courgettes

– 1 kale

– 150g prisuttu

– 150g noodles

– olive oil, pepper and salt

– 2 onions

– 2 garlic cloves

Celery is optional (not everybody appreciates!)

Method :

Wash and peel all the vegetables, cut into a reasonable size for cooking.


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In tones of harmony and rhythm with: Carmin Belgodère

Carmin BelgodereSomeone I had certainly intended to meet. Remembering the first time I heard his music, and the impression I was left with – that of a multi-coloured, harmonious, and fragrant blend of transportable rhythmic notes.

Carmin Belgodère started off as an autodidact and from an early age, being an ardent lover of music – his pleasure and persistence in playing the guitar, led him to decisive encounters around the Mediterranean; Fethi Tabet and Pedro Allende were amongst them. The urge to broaden horizons and discover additional cultures continued to grow constantly over the years.
Such groups as: Cinqui So, Voce di a Gravona and Manât, were to be at that time, where he would achieve musical maturation and satisfaction – also being surrounded by people he knew very well, which added motivatio...
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Talent in youth, maturity in reflection : Adrien Martinetti Artist

Adrien Martinetti 4When dealing with artists, one can not always predict what their future works will reveal; it’s also combined with the beauty of art itself, the ongoing transformations and with vision, a certain maturation. I’ve known Adrien for some time now, and have viewed his evolution over the years with attentiveness. Possessing a Bac Arts Plastiques, his future itinerary was to finally unwind years later – after a spell of time experiencing society and his personal ‘place’ in this social order. His craving and compulsion to create could no longer be tamed, the necessity to unravel made itself perfectly clear. He’s bright, attentive, sensitive and has a natural ‘drive’.

As is my way, I questioned him on his artistic influences – Van Gogh, Basquiat, Turner ....
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