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The fountain of Ficaghjola

Bastia cusi Ficaghjola fountainIt was built in 1585, on the initiative of Governor Giacomo Cataneo of Marini.
A launderette was added in 1771, and further embellishment was undertaken.
A small statue of Our Lady of Lavasina was erected after the second World War, by the inhabitants of Saint Joseph (a neighbourhood that can be reached by stairs), in appreciation for her protection, during the bombing of September 1943.
The expression from Bastia ‘beie l’acqua di Ficaghjola’ (‘drink water from Ficaghjola’) means, accepting reluctantly certain compromises.
Source: Bastia cusi ©
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These savoury little biscuits are extremely popular here – in fact, I know Corsicans on the mainland who have them sent over to them. In other words, once you start eating them, you’re ‘hooked’ !

Very easy to make, I think you’ll enjoy indulging from time to time.
Bon appetitu !                                                                             Finucchjetti Corsica Guide
Serves 4
250g flour
100g water
1 tsp salt
1 packet of yeast (9g)
1 handful of anise seeds
Mix all the ingredients together, forming a dough, knead for a few minutes. Add a little flour, to avoid stickiness. Once the dough is well shaped, make small tubes of around 1cm in diameter, and 20cm in length. Place the finucchjetti flat on a baking tray for the time being...
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The Protective Scapular: legend of a blessed protection

Scapular Fromagerie SistiHere’s an interesting little legend/tradition about the ‘Protective Scapular’.
In order to protect the flocks of sheep and goats, the shepherds used a scapular.
They cut off a tip of a goat’s or ram’s horn, and put a blessed branch of an olive tree inside of it. They could also add a small cross, a piece of coal from Christmas day, or a statue of St Anthony or the Virgin Mary. Afterwards, they closed the horn with a cork, and hung it on to the collar of the leader of the flock.
Source: Fromagerie Sisti ©
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Ghjacintu Paoli once said ..

Ghjacintu PaoliAll of us, and each and every one of us, each man of the people, have and must have the liberty to express our opinion – whatever it may be, and to give or not to give our assent to what is offered to us through the thought of others.

Ghjacintu Paoli 1735 – the Corsican Voltaire
– father of Pasquale Paoli




Source: STORIA DI CORSICA / Histoire de Corse Copyright ©

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Brocciu Soufflé – a real treat

We can never have too many recipes, can we – so, we’ll be planning more ‘brocciu’ but, in a soufflé this time, which will make a nice change too.

Bon appetitu !
Ingredients:                                                  Corsica Guide soufflé
90g + 50g butter
70g flour
35cl milk
7 egg yolks
8 egg whites
150g brocciu
2 drops plum brandy (eau de vie)
50g butter
Bring the milk to the boil. In the meantime, soften 90g of butter with the flour in a saucepan, stirring constantly. Lower the heat, and when the mixture begins to foam, whisk in the boiling milk. Bring to the boil while beating until it thickens, then take off the heat. When cooled, stir in the egg yolks and crushed ‘brocciu’, add salt+pepper and 2 drops of eau de vie...
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