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The benefits of violets

When you think of it, we rarely spend time studying the benefits of plants and flowers – their helpful, daily use is really something we should take into account, along with being moved by their natural beauty.

For example violets. They can be used as an antiseptic against bronchitis and coughs; also recommended for gastric-duodenal ulcers due to healing properties. Corsica Guide Violets
They can be used externally on chapped skin and breast care.
Infusions for internal use: one teaspoon for one cup of boiling water – allowing to infuse for 10m and drinking 4 cups/day between meals.
External use: fresh ruffled or cooked violet leaves, used as a plaster on chapped skin.
Source: Corsica Guide ©
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A few words on: The Stuarts of Corsica

Stuart of CorsicaTaking into account that proof of evident ‘homologous chromosome triangulation’, we know that Manuel Stuart had a matrilineal ancestry in Breslau (Silesia, central Europe). The family of the Stuarts of Corsica is directly linked to the Klose family – notably, Karl Ludwig Klose, who wrote a biography concerning Prince Charles Edward Stuart (1845), and also the Corsican leader Pasquale Paoli (1853). In 1740, Ulysse Maximillian Brown was the governor of Breslau.


Source: Stuart of Corsica ©

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Project B : joining forces to promote culture

Music bb du cFrom all horizons, culture has much to do with how we deal with life itself ‘the arts elevated to a set of beliefs’, as Wolfe so specifically once stated. Therefore, when people join forces believing in a feasible project, the pure essence of motivation and mutual encouragement weave and bind, often working their way through multiple difficulties.
Project B
This is the formation of an ‘area’ reserved to culture; naming music, art, theatre etc., wherein those interested will be able to express their passion to the fullest degree.
And, as it is presently in the state of germination, the public is invited to attend a meeting on April 21st, at the Bistrot du Cours in the centre of Ajaccio, whereupon everybody will be welcomed to contribute with ideas, wishes, suggestions and so forth – a...
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A few words on: the famous St Andrew’s Cross

We can often hear “I have a donkey belonging to the St Andrew breed” – the announcements here are also very common.
But in reality, the donkeys in majority carry this cross which they inherit from their African ancestors. Whether they are the Provencal, Norman or Cotentins or whether they are ‘common’ (without any special breed) – domestic donkeys can therefore wear these marks.Altarocc'ânes
Basically, the St Andrew cross (which can also be called the Palestine cross, being one of the first places of domestication for donkeys), is composed of darker hair, and often black in colour.
The dorsal band goes from the neck to the tail.
The shoulder band connects the two shoulders while passing by the garrot.

Legend tells us that it is on the back of a donkey that Mary, mother of Jesus, fled from Egypt...
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Scallops Brochette with Corsican Sausage

An original way to serve scallops, which may surprise your family/guests – worth a try, don’t you think ?

Bon appetitu !

Serves: 4

Scallops Corsica GuideIngredients:

– 16 Scallops
– 1 Corsican sausage
– 5cl vinegar
– 1cl Olive oil
– Butter
– Sea salt


Slice the sausage and grill for a few seconds. In a hot frying pan, brown the scallops in olive oil quickly – deglaze with vinegar, reduce and add 10g of butter and set aside.
Salt the scallops, make kebabs by switching between scallops and sausage.
Stick them on the barbecue one minute and add the sauce once you have placed them on a plate.

Source: Corsica Guide ©

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