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Trending in Ajaccio: the Givebox has been launched successfully !

Give box 3‘Sharing is caring’ – the principle is simple, generous, natural and normally persuasive. Some time ago, I wrote about the innovative and communicative ideas that constantly spring from the Bistrot du Cours, in the centre of Ajaccio – well, Pascal Bruno has once again innovated with the concept of a ‘Givebox’.

The general idea is as old as the world itself when you think about it; give and take. However, if you happen to find yourself without anything to donate at a particular time, you can nevertheless choose your ‘need’, without having to worry about it – you can always return at a later date, and donate whenever you can. Give box 4

Just about everything and anything can be found (reasonably speaking)...
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A few interesting facts: BELGODERE (near Lozari, and around 18km from Ile Rousse)

Aerocorsica BelgodereInitially, the Marquis of Massa had settled into his fortress at the Col San Colombano – he had been sent to Corsica to suppress and resolve Lordship conflicts, acting on behalf of Pisa and the Pope.
To fend off barbaric attacks, the Marquis allied with the Lord of Speloncato. Unfortunately, he and his men never showed up, and it is for this reason that Lord Marovello has been awarded the name of ‘traitor’.
In 1268, what was to happen, did happen – a terrible battle took place between the Marquis of Massa and the Lord of Speloncato – when the night fell, the Marquis took position on the rocky spur ‘Teghje’ to rest with his men...
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‘U Finochju’ (fennel) as a medicinal plant

We’re adding fennel today to our list of medicinal plants, as it is another very interesting example – because you can use just about everything; leaves, roots and fruit. Very effective against gout and kidney stones, and fights off anorexia, aerophagia, nausea, obesity, cough, flu, frigidity and impotence – the list here is once again, quite long, and amazing. It can also be used externally against headaches and eye infections. Corsica Guide Fenouil

Infusion: 20g/L water – 3 cups per day
Decoction: 30g/L water – the leaves stimulate and are suitable for liver failure.
In 1L of red or white wine, allow 60g of seeds to macerate for 15 days, stirring from time to time and add 50g of sugar and filter.
Source: Corsica Guide ©
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