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Introducing Casa’Gelat: home-made ice-cream you’ll want to try !

Casa'Gelat 005I scream, you scream – we all scream for ice-cream !’ doesn’t it appeal to just about everybody since their childhood ? fond memories and notions of holidays .. sea, sun and well-being. As soon as the temperatures rise, we seek these moments of pure pleasure. I decided to visit a new ice-cream parlour, opened very recently (beginning May, to be exact) – with great expectations.

Casa’Gelat is a family affair – Christophe Casalonga ‘Artisan Glacier’, produces his ice-cream in the nearby village of Alata (just outside of Ajaccio), and Sandra Balata his niece, delights in looking after their premises in the centre of Ajaccio itself. It’s ideally situated in the old part of town, within a few minutes walk of Napoléon’s house and the citadel...
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A few words on: The Naval Battle in Sagone

Two brothers, Robert and Daniel Havell (who were known as talented landscapers), evoke with such accuracy the Gulf of Sagone, that one would have thought they were working with eye witnesses. Immobilised by lack of wind, three English ships leave to attack with audacity: two heavy frigates are towed by rowboats, and sailors activate the long oars through the portholes. At the end of the bay, two French frigates – the Giraffe and the Nanny, are mooring along with an armed merchant ship.

Now, just what protection can they expect from guns installed from the beach’s old defences, and troops upon the heights deprived of the benefits of their dominant position with insufficient artillery ? Don’t they know that Captain Barrie controls Pomona ?
Near the shore, do the French fear less being mad...
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Recipe: Paupiettes

This looks delicious, doesn’t it – and it’s as easy as pie too.
Bon appetitu !
Serves 4

Ingredients:                                                            Corsica Guide Paupiettes

– 4 turkey escalopes
– 4 slices ‘prisuttu’
– 1 Corsican cheese
– 1/2 spoonful mixed herbs
– 1 soupspoon olive oil
– salt and pepper
– 2 shallots
– olive oil
– 10cl low-fat cream
Sprinkle the escalopes with the mixed herbs. Cover each one with a slice of prisuttu (if you can’t find it, replace with bacon), then add a slice of cheese. Roll them up like a paupiette and tie them up. Season with salt and pepper. Cook in olive oil on a low heat, without covering, for 20m. Serve the paupiettes with sliced fried shallots, and low-fat cream.
Source: Corsica Guide ©
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‘A Salce’ – Sage, as a medicinal plant

Corsica Guide SaugeOnce again, you’ll remark how wide the span is as regards the benefits from using these plants. Generally speaking, it is a wonderful tonic, and recommended in circulatory or nervous stomach disorders.
Taken as an infusion, it brings down a fever, treats diabetes, colds and regulates perspiration.

External use: stomatitis, mouth ulcers, sore throats, ulcers, insect stings/bites, sprains and even hair care.

Infusion: 1 dessert spoon for a cup of boiling water (infuse for 10m)
Decoction: a handful for 1L water (boil for 10m)
– use as a mouthwash for gums or mouth ulcers, gargle for sore throats and compress on ulcers.
As a lotion, with a concentrated decoction: 100g leaves with 1L water, mix with rum in equal proportion and apply with friction against dandruff and hair loss.
As a cream: cru...
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The Legend of: The Roccapina Lion

Roccapina Regis SapinIn the area of Roccapina, between Sartène and Bonifacio, a lion with a majestic mane can be observed – lying down on a rock overlooking the sea, contemplating the sandy beach before his eyes. On top of his head, almost like a crown, one can distinguish the ruins of an ancient Genoese tower. Legend tells us, that at the time of the Saracens this spectacular site belonged to a rich and powerful lord. One day, while he was out hunting he met a beautiful young woman, and of course fell hopelessly in love with her. But he couldn’t marry her because of his rank. He was filled with so much sorrow, he called upon death to take him – his call was heard, and he was turned to stone immediately under the appearance of a lion, immobilised for eternity.

Source: Corsica Mea
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