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Edible Corsican berries: Wild Rose (Rosa Canina)

Corsica Guide l'Eglantier Rosa caninaWidespread, this wild rosebush is covered with delicate five petalled rose briar at the beginning of the summer, to be followed in October with red ovoid fruit named: rosehips (otherwise known as ‘itching powder’, because of the irritating hair they contain) – the harvest takes place after the first frost. Extremely rich in vitamins, the rosehips are used to make excellent syrups and jellies. The fruit is opened in two, and with a spoon, the hair and seeds are removed. Preparations are used notably to fight against the flu and diarrhoea.

Source: Corsica Guide Copyright ©
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Miss Campbell’s role in bringing the English to Ajaccio

Anglican Church AjaccioIt was after having discovered the Côte d’Azur during the XIX century, that the British landed in Ajaccio in 1860. Miss Thomasina Mary-Ann-Elisa Campbell, a rich rentier, had been living in Moniack Castle in Scotland until 1867 – she visited Corsica from north to south and of course, fell in love with the island, and decided she was going to live here.
In 1868, she settled in the ‘Hotel de France’ in Ajaccio. Her next move was to start writing about the island: ‘Notes on the island of Corsica’ – dedicated to those in search of good health and pleasure, which she had printed by Pompéani. Thus, it was thanks to her and the widespread propaganda concerning her notes, that the English were to discover the island.
In 1873, she bought land very near the ‘Casone’, and had a sumptuous dwelli...
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What’s the particularity of —> LENTU ?

Lentu (la Corse autrement, la Corse ..)Comfortably situated beside a mountain and dominating the Golo Valley, also south of St Florent (if you’re in that area) – this charming village can be characterised by traditional stone houses and rooftops, and of course beautiful surroundings. For those interested in architecture, there’s a parish church worth visiting: Sainte Marie Madeleine, which possesses a very attractive door and bell tower – and paintings that could interest you too. We’re very near chestnut country so, lots of walks to discover. Lentu belongs to the district of Alto-di-Casaconi...

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‘Migliacci’ a recipe worth trying

These are gorgeous, very popular and often found at the fairs here.
Bon appetitu !                 Migliacci Musique Corse

Preparation: 2h

To cook: 10m
Ingredients for 4:
– 400g flour
– 10g salt (2 pinches)
– 10g yeast
– 6dl water/milk
– 800g goat /sheep cheese or brocciu
– 1 egg
– 5cl milk
– 18 dried chestnut leaves
Steep the chestnut leaves for 2 to 3h in water.
Prepare the dough: flour + salt in a bowl. Mix the yeast with a little milk or warm water, pour little by little into the flour vigorously using a wooden spoon, until the dough becomes soft. Cut the cheese into small cubes, incorporate to the dough.
Allow to rise for 2h at room temperature.
Preheat oven 20m at 250° or thermostat 8.
Drain and wipe the chestnut leaves. Lay by 3 on a baking sheet in order to form six circles...
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