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Delicious ! —-> Stuffed Sardines with ‘Brocciu’

sardines-au-brocciu-corsica-guideAn appetizing little recipe for you, based on fish and ‘brocciu’ (or cottage cheese, if you haven’t the possibility of finding brocciu).
Bon appetitu !
Serves 6
– 18 sardines
– 1 brocciu / cottage cheese
– 3 eggs
– 1 bouquet mint
– olive oil
– salt/pepper
Prepare the sardines, by cutting off the heads and withdrawing the central bone.
Mix the brocciu/cottage cheese with the eggs, chopped mint, salt and pepper.
Stuff the sardines with this preparation.
Heat oil in a frying pan, and fry the sardines for around 2m, until brown.
Place on some kitchen roll, in order to absorb the remaining oil.
Serve with a fresh spinach salad, or whatever salad you may prefer to choose.
Source: Corsica Guide ©
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The Fig Tree ‘Fica’ as a medicinal plant

corsica-guide-fica-figuierBoth the fruit and the leaves have digestive and draining properties.

Also known for their anti-inflammatory, emollient, expectorant and soothing characteristics. Used for respiratory congestion, coughs, gastritis and digestive disorders – the leaves possess anti diabetic virtues.
Use :
As a decoction against the blockage of airways:
macerate 80g-100g in 1L of boiling water for 20min. Strain, and drink throughout the day until you see the symptoms improving.
Against coughs as a gargle: idem, with two gargles per day until symptoms have greatly improved.
Source: Corsica Guide ©
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Direction —> Lakes Melo and Capitello

lake-melo-capitello-muntagne-corseSo, how does one arrive there ?

It is indeed in the heart of the island that these two lakes are nested. We start off by taking the direction to Corte, then through the valley of the Restonica for around 15k, arriving near the shepherds huts at Grotelle – at this point, it’s time to start climbing.

In order to reach Lake Melo, you need to count around 1h, and it’s an easy walk too.

After passing by the old shepherd hut at Melo, there are two choices for you to take; to your left is flatter and easier, but also a little longer. If you choose to the right, it’ll be shorter but requires more endurance (ladder and rope), the view here being very pretty...

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‘Ariola’ by Pedru-Felice Cuneo-Orlanducci

ampargu-a-lingua-corsaEveryone sees the world his own way
I travel within the maquis, what was once a country and humanity. The wind awakens amid the remains. There was a meadow here once upon a time, and a little further, men beat the grain.
Today, only the memory of their songs remains .. resonating in the oaks just above, when the air has the leaves singing, and blends with the singing of the birds, screaming a symphony of despair.
Melancholic ruins of a past that has flown to the limbo of the inaccessible – the splendour of an era that we like to dream about, witnesses of efforts of the human genius. What have you become ?
I have breathed your air once more, and felt your call after ten thousand years of absence, abyss, cries and mysteries...
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Castellare-di-Casinca is located in Casinca – a micro-region of Castagniccia. It had the reputation of being ‘Rome’s granary’ in antiquity, and ‘Corsica’s orchard’.
Nowadays, Castellare has the advantage of being a village ‘between sea and mountain’, in the literal sense of the term.
The local beach L’Anghjone, is located below the municipality, whereas the Mounts San Anghjulu and San Petrone surround the village and watch over the bell tower, which collapsed in a storm in 1992. Castellare-di-Casinca is composed of sturdy, architectural houses, and the stately construction of the church suggests that the village was erected in the 13th century. Opizzo Pernice, Bishop of Mariana (Cortinchi family), would have been the founder...
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